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Alumni News

Mentoring Full Speed Ahead

September 11, 2012

Think back to when you were a graduating student just embarking on your career. Was there someone who helped guide the way for you in those early years? You can be that person for a Sheridan student. Be part of the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Mentoring evening on November 13 at the Davis Campus.

With a unique, speed-mentoring format, the time commitment is limited. It works like this. The mentors each sit at a table with a group of graduating students. They have 20 minutes to discuss an issue or challenge that they are facing before moving on to the next table. In total, each student gets to speak to different professional alumni.

Even if you are a recent grad, you still have much advice to share with newly-minted alumni. Contact the Alumni Office by phone 905.815.4078 or by email: