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From Hitting the Books to Hitting the Streets: Tips for new Business Grads

September 11, 2012

Tempted to “just take anything” related to your field of study to break into the workforce? Not so fast – you could turn off that potential employer. Here’s some advice for new business graduates from recruiters and business program alumni.

Trina Boos (Advertising, 2002)

Owner, Boost Agents, specialist recruitment provider to the creative, digital, marketing, communications and events industries.

Some of her top tips:
  • Market your uniqueness – sometimes, things that might seem irrelevant on a resume for an industry position can actually show your character and skills.
  • Jot down five things you are doing to get noticed. Employing tools such as SEO to captivate the attention of a hiring manager or posting a short video on YouTube to showcase your talent may just result in an interview call.
  • If those two options don’t fit the bill, bring out the magnifying glass and go on a hunt within yourself to find that creativity. Turn on the switch in your right brain and let it shine!
One of Boost’s clients designed his application to a highly sought after advertising agency in the form of a dating profile. He was hired on the spot at a tier-one advertising agency as an Account Executive.

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Greg Nagel

District Manager at Fastenal Canada (Kitchener), regularly hires Sheridan alumni. Fastenal is the leading industrial fastener distributor in North America.
  • What he looks for when hiring:
Other than a very positive attitude, I look for people who want to work in the field for which they are interviewing. When interviewing for sales positions I want to hear a grad say that they want to work in sales, not HR, not marketing, not finance. I want them to have a passion for the job.
  • Common pitfall to avoid when marketing yourself:
Not knowing enough about the company to which they apply. A candidate can separate themselves from others by showing an in-depth knowledge of the company history and what it does to distinguish itself within its industry.

Amanda De Vogel (International Business, 2004)

Amanda took on the role of Director, Customer Experience Design for Scotiabank, International Banking in December 2011 at the age of 31.
  • Network wisely. Don’t network with people just because they are well-connected. Invest in building meaningful relationships with people you feel a natural affinity with, who have the expertise you need to gain
  • Find yourself an ally (she had an “at-work Dad”); a mentor with the experience and connections to guide you through an organization
  • Be clear and comfortable about telling people your strengths and your wants