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Alumni News

Flourishing at Sheridan

April 10, 2012

Nina Gu never really wanted to go to university. Despite that, she enrolled in York University where she studied psychology. That didn’t last long. “I was pretty much kicked out of school for having bad grades,” she says. “Going to university wasn’t what I wanted to do - I actually wanted to go to college since day one. I knew I would enjoy the small and intimate experience a lot more.”

After leaving York over five years ago, Nina wasn’t sure what road to take. She decided to study what she felt she was best at – computers. “Sheridan College was actually my number one choice at the time,” says Nina.

Several of her high school friends who had attended Sheridan spoke highly of the college. The fact that the Computer Engineering Technician - Technology program had a co-op component sealed the deal.

The 2009 graduate maximized her time at the college. She was involved with the Student Union, the Board of Governors and was also a Peer Mentor. The highlight of Nina’s many experiences at Sheridan was her time on the Presidential Search Committee (PSC).

“The best part of the process were the actual interviews, says Nina. “It’s not every day you get to sit on a panel of 10 people to interview top-notch academic leaders. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.” The PSC ultimately chose current Sheridan President and CEO, Jeff Zabudsky, who took office in 2010.

Thanks to the knowledge Nina gained through her experiences both in and outside the classroom, she was well-equipped to take on her current position as a Technical Analyst for RBC Capital Markets. “I work with many trading platforms and business-related applications on a daily basis,” says Nina, who enjoys both the business and technical aspects of her job.

Through RBC, Nina became involved with Women in Capital Markets (WCM), a non-profit organization that supports women in the industry. She is now in charge of sponsorships for WCM’s Golf Tournament Committee.

When asked what advice she would offer to a new female IT graduate, Nina responds, “Don’t be afraid. It is a big world out there. Take every possible chance you can get. It never hurts to try.”

She also debunks the perception that companies, including those in the financial industry, don’t like hiring college students. Nina believes so strongly in the quality of Sheridan students she contacted the college’s co-op office to encourage students to apply for two jobs that were available in her workplace last year. Sheridan students were chosen for both positions. Nina wasn’t surprised. “Get yourself out in the marketplace and you will find out how great you are,” she says.