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Save the date for Sheridan’s CMTP virtual Festival of New Musicals

October 08, 2020

Join us for a glimpse of the newest musicals making their debut at Sheridan’s Canadian Music Theatre Project.

The Festival of New Musicals will be presented virtually on Oct. 18, 2020. Almost A Full Moon, burden of proof and Living the Dream are the 2020 projects being workshopped by Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance Class of 2021 for the festival.

The three projects will stream live on CMTP’s YouTube channel.

In a year unlike any other, Sheridan’s students and creative teams have bravely pivoted and adjusted their formats online. This year also marks the creation of the Keith & Sharon Segal Fund for International Musical Development.

Each project will be presented live with commentary from its creative team and will remain online for public viewing until 9 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2020.

The schedule for the 2020 CMTP Festival of New Musicals is as follows:

Sunday, October 18, 2020:

2 p.m. – Living the Dream premiere
5 p.m. – burden of proof premiere
8 p.m. – Almost A Full Moon premiere

Details for the three 2020 projects are below:

Almost a Full Moon
Music & Lyrics: Hawksley Workman
Book: Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman
Director: Daryl Cloran
Music Director: Ryan deSouza

Commissioned by the Citadel Theatre, Almost a Full Moon is inspired by the beloved Christmas album by Canadian singer/songwriter Hawksley Workman. The play incorporates Workman’s songs in three storylines that chase in and out of different ages of Christmas, love, and family, winding together for a timeless story.

burden of proof
Music: Scott Christian & La-Nai Gabriel
Book & Lyrics: Rob Kempson
Director: Esther Jun
Music Director: Lily Ling

Supported by the Keith and Sharon Segal Fund for International Musical Development

burden of proof
explores the challenges met by LGBTQ+ refugee claimants in Canada. Queer refugees who come to Canada after fleeing oppressive, homophobic homelands have often spent their lives trying to hide their sexuality or gender identity for fear of persecution. However, when they arrive here, they must prove their queer identity to claim status as a persecuted minority. It’s an impossible question: how do you prove your identity without ever practicing it? How can you communicate who you are without ever having a chance to know for yourself? This question burdens not only the queer community, but all of us.

Living the Dream
Music & Lyrics: Anika Johnson & Barbara Johnston
Book: Nick Green
Director: Mitchell Cushman
Music Director: Suzy Wilde

What do you do when you're feeling alone? Every Monday, Clare throws a party. A contemporary look at relationships and loneliness in the Instagram era, Living the Dream is the story of a group of friends told entirely though commercial breaks during a viewing party of a reality TV dating show.