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Pathways' Stories

Kristin Newell

Since I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher.  Like many students, I took a roundabout way to reach that goal, but am thrilled to say I am heading to teacher’s college this fall!  

After graduating from high school in 2007, I entered Sheridan College’s Early Childhood Education program, a two year diploma program. I loved the easy rapport with professors and the ways they let me know they were invested in my future – I also liked the small class size that helped me feel like an important part of the program.  After my field placement and graduation, I decided I wanted to further my education which took me to York University.  I was unsure of what to major in, all I knew was I still wanted to teach. In the three years at York, I studied sciences, anthropology and philosophy.  After experiencing the small classes and more intimate settings of Sheridan, I struggled with the large class size.  I felt like a very small fish in a huge ocean and although I value my learning from York, I realized I prefer a more hands on approach of being taught. 

In my third year at York, I became aware of a new program at Sheridan called the Early Childhood Leadership Program. It’s a four year degree program focusing on developing leaders in childhood education.  The learning was offered in a team based approach in small groups, something I was desperately missing! I met with a Sheridan counselor who helped me clearly define my goals and showed me ways I could utilize my credits from York to transition into the program. I think Sheridan is unique in how they tell students exactly what they need to move forward.  They take the time to help us figure out what we want and the best way to get it. I know they helped me get to teachers college!

Karen Nguyen

I was a science geek in high school and decided to apply to the University of Waterloo for my post secondary education.  Since my plans were to get to medical school, I felt Waterloo offered a competitive program that would pave the way for me to become a doctor. But after four years of education and graduating with a BSc in Biology, I was uncertain if I wanted more school. I decided to look for a job and work for a while to help me figure out what I wanted next.  I applied voraciously in the health care arena but it turned out there was a recession for jobs in that industry.

I entered Sheridan College’s Business Process Management program with the hopes of maximizing my BSc as well as gaining understanding of how businesses worked. I learned more than I could have imagined in one year! The professors in the program have so much relevant business experience they were eager to share.  Their confidence gave me confidence. I was taught to look at organizations with an analytical eye and ask the kind of questions to help understand how a company handles conflict resolution and quality control.  By using case studies of actual organizations, they helped me understand why some businesses succeed and why others don’t.  The case studies also helped me look realistically at what to expect in the real world of business. 

This program taught me a great deal about leadership and the importance of team work, something I will use the rest of my life. I was so excited about the skills I learned in the program I opted for the four month co-op learning experience and was thrilled when Sheridan placed me in the Health Care field.  That placement led to the job I now have as a Quality Analyst for Cancer Care Ontario and I couldn’t be happier!

Michael Callaghan

By the time I reached my final year of secondary school I was pretty sure I wanted to attend University.  But with all the choices available, like many students finishing high school,  I didn’t  know what I wanted to do, or which University to attend.  When I discovered Sheridan College offered a two year General Arts program that would help me consider university options, I applied right away and I am so glad I did!

The program introduced me to a number of disciplines like Philosophy, History, Social Sciences and Humanities.  Learning those fundamentals of each discipline helped me develop the confidence to choose a University program.  The professors at Sheridan not only taught the academic portion of the program but also helped prepare us for the self directed learning required by University. Most of them taught at Universities as well which gave us the inside track to those learning expectations.  They were a dedicated team who helped all of us make the best decisions for our future by being inspirational and available.

After graduating Sheridan, I chose McMaster University to study political science. With my General Arts diploma from Sheridan, I was able to transfer credits to lighten my load substantially the first year which helped me acclimate to University life with ease.   I continued my education by completing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at Ryerson University in Toronto and am now happily employed in Education in the public sector.

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