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Art Fundamentals


You May Be Interested If:

You're a senior-level secondary school student who wants to explore a career or post-secondary studies in visual arts.

What Students Are Saying About This Program

“In seven weeks, my art skills have advanced quite a bit because of the amount of content and the help of the teachers.”

“My eyes were opened to possible careers in art and the different courses to take.” 

What Will I Learn/Do?

You have the option of taking either a drawing course or a painting course, or both courses, and will learn some important concepts and techniques. Right from day one, you'll be practicing what you've learned by working on hands-on projects. This will help you develop your artistic skills and you can begin to build a portfolio of your work.
Term Spring 2020
Days Tue & Thu
Date Apr 28 – Jun 11
Time 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Campus Trafalgar/Oakville
Course Introduction to Drawing Systems Introduction to Colour Theory 
School Code AFD4T AFB4T
College Code DESN19667 ARTS14636
Passing Grade 50% 50%

Course Descriptions:

Introduction To Drawing Systems

Students are introduced to instruction on how to represent and convert three-dimensional objects using analytical drawing systems. Approaches include line, form, perspective and value. Students use a variety of media for projects developed from concept sketch to final artwork. In addition, they learn to use appropriate terminology linking traditional modes to contemporary applications. Through sequential assignments, interactive lectures, demonstrations and critiques, students draw, render and generate a variety of visual presentations.

Introduction To Colour Theory

Introduction to colour involves the application of the elements and principles of colour theory to assigned projects using a variety of colour systems. In this course the medium used will be acrylic paint but the colour theories covered can be applied to all media. In this course students develop an appreciation of colour theory through introductory lectures to various colour theorists. Furthermore, they explore colour relationships and their social and psychological effects. Students examine colour theory through interactive lectures and a variety of exercise that include colour chart development, colour mixture, problems of sensation, analysis and colour relationships.

Pathways to Full Time Sheridan Programs:

If you enjoyed your dual credit program and are interested in a career in the visual arts, you can apply for the full time Art Fundamentals Program at Sheridan's Trafalgar Road Campus. Some fast facts about the program:
  • The Art Fundamentals Program is a one year Ontario College Certificate program
  • It offers you a rigorous studio-based introduction to art fundamentals theory and classical instruction in the fundamentals of arts such as: Life drawing; Painting; Sculpture; Two-dimensional design; and Technical drawing.
  • You'll be able to build a portfolio, assess your artistic potential, and prepare to apply to more advanced programs.
  • If you’re accepted into the program, the art fundamentals dual credit courses you successfully completed will be counted as courses already completed in the Art Fundamentals full time program.

Further Academic/Career Pathways:

Many students who complete the Art Fundamentals full time Program go on to further study in their chosen artistic specialty:
  • At Sheridan, you will be considered for admission to the Visual and Creative Arts Program.
  • With a GPA of 3.5 you can be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and the BA program at Brock University. Students would need to present a portfolio and complete required humanities courses over the summer.
  • Some students gain entry-level employment in jobs that require basic visual arts skills.
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