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Health Coverage

Health Coverage for International Students

International students are required to have mandatory medical insurance coverage while studying at Sheridan to ensure they have access to health care.

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Full-Time Students
  • The cost of the health insurance policy is included in full-time tuition fees.
  • Health insurance coverage will be provided through Guard.Me and will commence on the first day of the month of the scheduled program date, provided that tuition fees have been paid.
  • Health insurance documents (in pdf format) will be emailed to students’ Sheridan email accounts per timeline below:
    • Fall Term Start- end of September
    • Winter Term Start- end of January
    • Spring/Summer Term Start - end of May

      NOTE: please make sure to check all folders in your email, click here for more information.

  • If a student needs to visit the doctor for urgent care (before the timeline above), they are advised to contact the International Centre to request an expedited policy.
  • All policies expire on August 31. No exceptions will be made.
  • Health insurance fee will not be refunded once a policy has been issued.
Part-Time Students
  • International students who drop to part-time status will still be charged the full health insurance fee.
  • International students in the Faculty of Continuing Education and Professional Studies do not qualify for the health insurance plan. It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that they purchase adequate health insurance coverage while staying in Canada.
Coverage upon Arrival
  • Students arriving to Canada earlier than the scheduled start date are responsible for arranging their own medical coverage.
Review your Health Insurance Coverage
  • When you receive your insurance card via email you will also receive a copy of the policy. The health insurance coverage is designed to cover urgent care. To see what is covered in your policy, please visit the Sheridan-Guard.Me web portal:

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Health Insurance for Dependents Health insurance is for international students only. It does not include spouses or children. If you would like to obtain health insurance coverage for family members, you must purchase the policies directly from Guard.Me on the following link:
  • NOTE: The option to add family members will not be available until you receive your health insurance card per timeline above. If you require dependent health coverage earlier than the timeline above, please contact the International Centre (proof of urgency may be requested).
Exemptions (opting out)
  • International students can only be exempted from the Guard.Me health insurance policy if they are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), no other plans will be accepted.
  • If applicable, exemption requests must be received by the International Centre before the deadline to withdraw with partial refund.
Exemptions (opting out)
Health Services are available at Sheridan’s Trafalgar, Davis and HMC campuses and offer professional health care.
Click here to read more about our Health Centre services.
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  • Guard.Me provides emergency health insurance coverage (pre-existing conditions are not covered).
  • Guard.Me offers 24/7 customer service available at or 1-877-873-8447. An online contact form is also available at this link:
  • Direct Billing clinics in your city can be found by entering a search at
  • For claims inquiry and/or pre-approval, please email
  • All Sheridan Health Centres offer direct billing.
  • Ontario has a 24-hour provincial information line, staffed by registered nurses who can offer advice and help regarding your medical inquiry. You may call Telehealth Ontario for free at 1-866-797-0000.