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Work Study Program

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Application Deadline

Study Period

Winter 2019

                February 8, 2019

Jan 7-Apr. 18, 2019


What is the Work Study Program?

The Work-Study Program supports part-time and full-time, on-campus jobs for eligible domestic students.

The Financial Aid & Awards Office offers two Work Study Programs:

Part-Time Employment Program:

Students who are enrolled full-time and are working part-time hours on campus. Students can work up to 24 hours a week.

Between Academic Terms (BAT) Program:

Students who are on a Co-op work term or those who are between academic terms. Students must work more than 24 hours per week.

Note: For OSAP students all income earned during a school term must be reported to the Financial Aid Office and may impact a student’s OSAP funding.



Students are approved for the Work Study Program for one term and one on-campus employer only. Students must re-apply if they would like to continue for a second term.

Applications are accepted beginning two weeks before the start of each term. The deadline to apply is stated on the Work Study Application and is approximately 4 weeks from the start of classes each term.


Part-Time Employment:

1) Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a Protected Person.    

2) Full-time enrollment during the academic term. (60% course load or 40% with PD status)

3) Students Receiving OSAP or Out-of-Province Financial aid assistance are considered to have demonstrated financial need and the additional budget form is not required. Non-OSAP students must complete the budget form provided as part of the application

4) If a student drops to part-time enrollment after the initial approval, a denial email will be sent to student/employer to update the application status.


Between Academic Terms (BAT):

1) Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, or a Protected Person.    

2) Full-time Sheridan student in the semester prior and subsequent to the BAT employment semester: Designed for students on co-op work terms or students who are between full-time academic semesters.

3) Demonstrate Financial Need


Not Eligible:

International Students are NOT eligible for the Work Study Program

Joint programs are NOT eligible except for York/Sheridan students who have applied for OSAP funding through Sheridan. Students may inquire about the Work Study Program at their collaborative school.

For more information:

Melissa Friesen

Financial Aid and Awards Office

Room D100, Trafalgar Campus

905-845-9430 Ext: 2442


Locations to submit Work Study Application (Financial Aid and Awards Office):

  Davis Campus                                    Room B212i

Hazel McCallion Campus                   Room A155

Trafalgar Campus                               Room D100



The Work Study application package consists of two parts, the Work Study Application and the necessary forms for Human Resources/Payroll. Please complete and submit the Work Study Application to the Financial Aid and Awards Office at the campus you are attending.The HR forms need to be submitted to your employer/Payroll.

HR Application Package

Documents are available in alternate formats upon request by contacting



Work Study jobs should be posted through the Sheridan Career Centre, using the post a job form.

Work Study Pay Period Coverage: First day of term – last day of term + 50% of the pay period after the "last day of term"

Part time Work Study Program: $1,500 MAX / Term (Including Fringe)

Full-time Work Study Program (BAT): $6,500 MAX / Term (Including Fringe)

The Work Study Application(s) and HR Application Package are available above.

The package contains:

•          Two-page Work Study Application

•          PT Support/Student Worker Contract

•          TD1 Tax Form Federal

•          TD1ON Tax Form Provincial

•          Payroll Direct Deposit Banking Form


Due to the financial need requirement of the Work Study Program students must apply for Work Study each term and demonstrate their continued eligibility for the program. A student will be Work Study approved for only one employer per term.

Students (or employers) submit the 2-page Work Study Application to the Financial Aid and Awards Office of the campus where the student is currently attending. Employers are required to complete the "To be completed by employer" section of the application.

 The remaining forms are to be submitted to the department that is hiring the student. It is the department's responsibility to forward these forms to Human Resources/Payroll department. Please ensure that the Employee Status "Co-op" or "Current FT Student" is selected as applicable and the "Y" box is selected beside "Work Study Student" on the "PT Support/Student Worker Contract" form.


Departmental Cost Transfers for Work Study: 

All Department Managers/ Operation Managers are asked to send an email to, with a list of confirmed work study students (name, student ID number and department codes). The information will be used to confirm data pulled from the payroll database. There will be no need to run payroll verification or submit a departmental cost transfer.

The Financial Aid Office will notify both the student and employer by email whether the student has been approved or denied for the Work Study Program.


If you have any questions regarding the Departmental Cost transfers, please contact:

Melissa Friesen

Records and Recording Specialist

Trafalgar Campus, Room D100

905 -845-9430 ext. 2442