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Tuition Fees

The fees listed here are for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Please note, all fees, charges and deadlines may be subject to change.

Full-time Tuition

Students are considered full-time if they take more than 70% of the required credits or 2/3 of the required courses for their program.

Full-Time Tuition Fee per Term

  • Year One – $1350.00
  • Year Two – $1350.00
  • Year Three – $1350.00
  • Year Four – $1350.00

Tuition fees are regulated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and a change could be made by action of the Ontario Government.

Postsecondary and Ontario College Graduate Certificate Programs with Deregulated Fees 
The government of Ontario has given to universities and colleges the option to set their own fees for Ontario College Graduate Certificate programs and for certain postsecondary programs. The following programs have tuition fees set above the amount referred in item 1 above:

i. Postsecondary and Ontario College Graduate Certificate Programs 

  • Advanced Special Effects Makeup, Prosthetics and Props 
  • Advanced Television and Film 
  • Advertising Account Management 
  • Advanced Manufacturing Management 
  • Business Analysis and Process Management 
  • Computer Animation 
  • Creative Industries Management
  • Digital Creature Animation - Technical Direction
  • Digital Product Design
  • Environmental Control 
  • Game Level Design
  • Game Development - Advanced Programming
  • Human Resources Management 
  • Interactive Media Management 
  • International Business Management
  • Journalism - New Media
  • Marketing Management
  •  Music Scoring for Screen and StageProfessional Accounting
  • Project Management 
  • Public Relations – Corporate Communications 
  • Quality Assurance Manufacturing and Management 
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Visual Effects

ii. Baccalaureate Degrees 

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Honours Bachelor of Animation
  • Honours Bachelor of Early Childhood Leadership
  • Honours Bachelor of Film and Television
  • Honours Bachelor of Game Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Illustration
  • Honours Bachelor of Interaction Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Interior Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance
  • Honours Bachelor of Photography
  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences (Athletic Therapy) 
  • Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences (Kinesiology & Health Promotion) 
  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security)
  • Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting)
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources Management)
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Management)
  • Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (Supply Chain Management)
  • Honours Bachelor of Community Safety
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design – Ceramics
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design – Furniture
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design – Glass
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design - Industrial Design
  • Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design – Textiles
  • Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing and Publishing

Students entering one of these programs may qualify for a Needs-Based Bursary – apply online via myStudent Centre.

International Students
Tuition fees for students who attend on a student visa are $7,867 per term unless otherwise stipulated on your invoice. Tuition fees for some postsecondary and Ontario College Graduate Certificate programs are set at a higher rate and vary according to the program. Visit our International Centre for more details.

Needs-Based Bursaries
Needs-Based Bursaries are available to students in certain programs who qualify based on financial need. Students can apply for a Needs-Based Bursary online via myStudent Centre.

Part-time Tuition Fee
Students are considered part-time if they take less than 70% of the required credits AND less than 2/3 of the courses in their program. A per credit charge will be assessed to a maximum of the full-time tuition fee. 

Sponsored Students
Students who are being sponsored by a government department or other association are required to send a copy of their official letter of substantiation to Sheridan. Failure to provide the necessary documentation by the fee due date may jeopardize Sheridan admission. 

Additional Courses
All full-time postsecondary students may take courses in the day or evening in addition to their regular curriculum at Sheridan. These courses may be taken in one of two circumstances:

  • Students may take additional courses beyond their full course load, providing there is space available. All course fees will apply (i.e. tuition, administration and material fees). 
  • Students may replace courses for which they have been granted Advanced Standing or PLA credit with courses of equal credit value and within the same term, provided that space is available. In this instance, the tuition fee will be waived. All other course fees will apply. 

Program Charges
Students in specific programs/courses are required by Sheridan to pay an additional amount for materials, kits and mobile technology service fee.

Postsecondary Academic Co-op Charge
Collection of the $535.00 co-op fee will occur in the term prior to the actual co-op work term. Students must withdraw within the first 10 days of the term immediately preceding the work term in order to receive a refund. See Cooperative Education website for more information. Administrative Charges

Late Payment Charge 
$150.00 charge for fees received after the fee invoice due date.

Replacement Diploma Charge 
$50.00 charge for a Replacement Diploma

Health Science Pre-Admission Testing Charge
$50.00 charge for Health Science Pre-Admission testing 

Graduation Status Verification Charge 
$10.00 charge for Graduation Status Verification 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) 
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition is a process which evaluates experiential learning. A $108.99 fee is charged for each subject for which PLAR credit is being sought.

Visit our Parking page for information on parking and obtaining a parking pass.

Identification Card 
$25 for replacement card.

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