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Ancillary Fees

The fees listed here are for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Changes to Fees and Fee Payment

The Ministry for Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) has announced changes to your Fees for the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • Domestic tuition fees for all years of study will be reduced by 10 per cent for the 2019-2020 academic year. Fees will be frozen for the 2020-2021 academic year.

  • Fees for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) will be decreased by 10 per cent.

  • Sheridan students will be able to opt-out of some "discretionary" Ancillary Fees.

Sheridan is currently finalizing its new fee structure. Once approved, it will be posted to this site. We expect that students will be able to make decisions regarding optional fees beginning on July 19, 2019. Updates will be added to this page as they become available.

Please stay posted to myOTR for updates.

Ancillary Charges

Program Charges 
Postsecondary Academic Co-op Charge 
Mobile computing Agreement
Late Payment Charge 
Replacement Diploma Charge 
Health Science Pre-Admission Testing Charge 
Graduation Status Verification Charge 
Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR)  Parking  Identification Card  SSUI Health and Dental Plan 

Ancillary Charges 

Students entering Sheridan for the first term are required to pay an ancillary fee of $598.50. Returning students pay an administration fee of $453.50 for all terms subsequent to the first term, except for the Summer Term which is $438.50. Part-time students are required to pay an administrative fee of $27.69 per credit. Students in Co-op do not pay an administrative fee during a co-op placement term unless also enrolled in part time classes where part time tuition and administrative fees will apply. 

Ancillary charges are mandatory fees for all full-time and part-time students which include:

Ancillary Fees – 2019/20
  FT Rate PT Rate  
OPTIONAL FEES - per term unless otherwise noted
SSU Student Life  $25.00  $     25.00 (flat rate) 

The Student Life fee supports the coordination and operation of Sheridan Student Union’s programming and initiatives on all three Sheridan College campuses, including events, Board elections, and student leaders who develop and execute events and initiatives. This fee also provides access to SSU’s equipment loan and binding services, a discount on all non-alcohol purchases at Sheridan Student Union food venues, pre-sales for SSU concerts, free admission to pub nights as well as advocacy and support for student academic appeals and concerns.

SSU Clubs  $   10.00  $ 0.67

Joining or starting a club is one of the best ways to get involved on campus! This fee supports infrastructure that provides funding opportunities, staffing and promotional supports, and oversight and regulation for the over 100 clubs that currently operate on campus.

SSU Food Bank  $     5.00  $ 0.33

The SSU Food First program aids students through access to food and essentials when needed. This fee covers the promotion and staff coordination of emergency student food resources provided on each campus.

SheridanLife Radio  $     5.00  $ 0.33

SheridanLife Radio is Sheridan College’s campus radio community run for students, by students. With original features, podcasts and live shows produced by students from every corner of our campus, SheridanLife Radio tells the unique stories of Sheridan College students and our college community.

Student Refugee Program  $     1.50  $ 0.10

The Student Refugee Program (SRP) is run by a Canadian international development non-profit organization called World University Service of Canada (WUSC). This program that offers refugee youth both post-secondary and resettlement opportunities, giving them the opportunity to build a better future in Canada through higher education and permanent residency status.

Alumni Fee (one time only)  $   35.00  $     35.00 (flat rate) 

Staying connected to Sheridan and our 180,000 alumni will have long-term networking benefits for you when you begin your career after graduation. This one-time fee will provide you with resources including continued access to the Sheridan Career Centre, as well as a variety of events and activities designed to help you build your network of contacts. The Sheridan Alumni office also offers graduates discounts on insurance products, local attractions, and other amenities and services that will benefit you. Graduates also receive exclusive Sheridan news and event invitations.

NON-OPTIONAL FEES - per term unless otherwise noted
Transcript Fee (once per program)  $   25.00  $     25.00 (flat rate) 

Charged in the first semester of your program, the transcript fee enables you to receive an official transcript outlining your academic record at Sheridan as well as your credential upon completion of your program. This is a one-time fee per program.

Graduation Fee (once per program)  $85.00  $     85.00 (flat rate) 

Charged in the first semester of your program, the graduation fee supports the expenses associated with convocation, including but not limited to the graduate application process and all details associated with the ceremony (i.e. academic regalia rental, venue, convocation program, etc.). This is a one-time fee per program.

IT Fee  $ 125.00  $ 8.33


The IT fee securely delivers software, communications, hardware and technical service expertise to students and classrooms.

OneCARD Fee  $   25.00  $ 1.67

Your onecard is your official photo identification card for Sheridan and provides access to spaces on campus such as classrooms, libraries and recreation facilities. Funds loaded to your onecard can be used for a variety of services from printing to bookstore purchases, as well as toward food purchases at participating on and off campus locations. For more information on onecard usage and acceptance, visit

Health Charge  $   23.00  $ 0.66

The Sheridan Student Health Centre (clinic at each campus) gives students access to medical care through, nurses and Physicians, Monday to Thursday 8:30am – 8pm and Friday 8:30-5.    Registered Nurses provide non-urgent and urgent health care, health & wellness teaching, dispense minor medications and make referrals to community agencies on a walk in basis and under medical directives. A psychiatrist and chiropractor are also available in clinic.

Athletic Activities  $   58.00  $ 3.87

Your Athletic Activities fee supports recreational and intercampus sports leagues, fitness classes, a well-equipped weight/cardio room and drop-in use of the campus gymnasium.  The fee also supports your Sheridan Bruins Varsity teams, including open access to try-outs and fan attendance.

Athletic Bldg/Capital  $   35.00  $ 2.33

Our Athletic Centres are available to students 7 days per week. Your Athletic Building Fee enables the maintenance of our Athletic Centre’s and has most recently been directed to finance the outdoor soccer/rugby stadium at Trafalgar (free access for Sheridan students), the Davis Campus gymnasium expansion, and now the HMC Recreation and Fitness Centre.

Career Centre  $     3.50  $ 0.23

Our Career Centre supports students exploring and clarifying their career and educational goals, developing essential skills, provides opportunities to gain experience through our Co-Curricular Record, prepares students to transition to the world of work (job search, resume and interview critique), hosts a job board, mentoring and events to connect you to future employers. Our 1:1 appoints, events, workshops and programs support student career success

Peer Mentoring  $     7.00  $ 0.47

Our Peer Mentor program supports a team of highly trained peers across all three campuses to support students academically, socially and personally. Peer Mentors support student well-being, orient and connect students to essential on-campus services to ensure you are successful both inside and outside of the classroom, enriching the student experience.

Tutoring  $     6.50  $ 0.43

Courses will challenge you. Get help with Math, Accounting, Finance, Writing, Citation and Referencing, Computer Programming, Chemistry, Architecture, Interior Design and Decorating, English Conversation Skills and Presentation Skills from Learning Assistants in the Tutoring Centres.  Some first-year courses are also supported by Peer-Assisted Learning Leaders (PALs), and peer tutors are available for a nominal fee. Visit for more information.

SU Centre Bldg  $   40.00  $ 2.67

This mandatory fee supports the building, maintenance and updating of student centres at all three campuses.

SU Centre Capital  $   10.00  $ 0.67

This mandatory fee supports the furnishing of student centre spaces, and provides equipment and capital needs related to student centres at all three campuses.

SSU Health & Counselling  $   21.00  $ 1.40

Promotional materials, events, partnerships, the Empower Me Program (online and telephonic multi-lingual mental health support), and staff support related to supporting accessing basic medical care, mental health or counselling services available through the student health plan.

SSU Academic Support  $     5.00  $ 0.33

This fee allows the Sheridan Student Union the ability to provide academic supports including the intranet portal development (Access Sheridan replacement) costs SSU is committed to.

SSU Campus Safety  $   10.00  $ 0.67

The SSU Campus Safety fee enables the Sheridan Student Union the ability to provide the SafeWalk service, giving students a walk anywhere on campus in the event they are studying late, leaving a night class, or heading home from a pub night. This includes SafeWalk staffing, training, service provision, and promotion.

SSU Buildings Operating Costs  $   38.00  $ 2.53

Repairs and maintenance, utilities, cleaning, insurance, maintenance and operational staffing and security costs of Student Centres at three Sheridan campuses.

Health & Dental Plan (once per academic year)  $ 285.00  $    285.00 (flat rate) 

This mandatory fee enrolls full-time domestic students in Sheridan Student Union’s Health and Dental Plan, providing a wide variety of health and dental coverage, as well as travel insurance to cover unexpected emergency medical expenses. Students with acceptable proof of alternative coverage may opt out of this program during defined opt-out periods.

Total Admin  $ 883.50
less medical plan  $ 285.00
Total common admin less plan fee  $ 598.50
Grad, Transcript and Alumni  $ 145.00
Common admin per term  $ 453.50  $        27.69  

All post-secondary students on a co-op work term in Fall 2020 will be billed the SSUI Health and Dental Plan fee in the Spring 2020 term.

SSUI Health and Dental Plan
The Sheridan SU Health and Dental Plan is a valuable service provided by your Student Union to fill the gaps left by provincial health care. The Plan fee is $285.00 for full-year coverage (Sept. 1, 2019 – Aug. 31, 2020).

If you are already covered by an extended health and dental plan, you can opt out of the Sheridan SU Health and Dental plan by providing proof of other equivalent health and dental coverage. Opt outs can ONLY be processed within the Change-of-Coverage period. Visit or call 1-866-358-4430 for details. The SU Health and Dental Plan is for domestic students only. 

Program Charges

Students in specific programs/courses are required by Sheridan to pay an additional amount for materials, kits and mobile technology service fee.

Postsecondary Academic Co-op Charge
Collection of the $535.00 co-op fee will occur in the term prior to the actual co-op work term. Students must withdraw within the first 10 days of the term immediately preceding the work term in order to receive a refund. See Cooperative Education website for more information. Administrative Charges

Late Payment Charge
$150.00 charge for fees received after the fee invoice due date.

Replacement Diploma Charge
$50.00 charge for a Replacement Diploma

Health Science Pre-Admission Testing Charge
$50.00 charge for Health Science Pre-Admission testing

Graduation Status Verification Charge
$10.00 charge for Graduation Status Verification 

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition is a process which evaluates experiential learning. A $124.73 fee is charged for each subject for which PLAR credit is being sought.

Visit our Parking page for information on parking and obtaining a parking pass.

Identification Card
$25 for replacement card.