Dual Credit

Gain twice the credit value by earning both high school and college credits at the same time at no cost, while making new friends, experiencing college life and learning, and exploring career pathways.

Dual Credit – a Pathway to Your Future

Over 50,000 Ontario high school students have participated in dual credit courses. Not only did they get a taste of college life and learning, they ‘test drove’ a potential college pathway and a career direction while working towards their high school diploma. And since their dual credit courses count as high school credits and are also college credits, they can apply to have those courses recognized when they come to college. Learn more about dual credits at Sheridan and find the pathway to YOUR future today!

Dual credit programs are funded by the Government of Ontario through the School College Work Initiative.

Dual Credit Programs at Sheridan

Dual Credit Programs at Sheridan

All Sheridan’s dual credit programs are delivered on-campus by College professors. Our courses offer a variety of learning experiences and settings with opportunities for hands-on practice, activities and project work in our well-equipped shops, labs and studios, using industry-standard materials, equipment and technology.


Would you like more hands-on classes, a change of routine, and a chance to meet new friends and experience college, while getting your high school diploma? Dual credits may be just what you’re looking for.


Dual credits have motivated thousands of students to gain post-secondary credits at the same time as high school credits while exploring career pathways. Find out how dual credits can help your son or daughter.


Without a high school diploma your students face very poor employment prospects, and there is a growing emphasis on post-secondary education in the labour market. Dual credits are contributing to improving graduation rates and encouraging students to enter college education. Learn more about how your students can benefit from dual credits.