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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know which General Education (GenEd) electives are available this semester?

    All of our elective options are listed online on our webpage

  • My timetable has a course called “GENLELECT1”. What does this mean? Is that my GenEd course?

    GENLELECT1 is not a course. Instead, this is a note (called a “placeholder”) that we add to your schedule reminding you that you have to select a General Education course for your upcoming semester. The time listed in the placeholder is the time your program has recommended will fit your schedule the best.

  • When can I register for my GenEd?

    Online, Self-enrollment for the GenEd classes begins 4-6 weeks before the new semester starts and lasts till Day 5 of the new semester.  Registration dates vary by campus and program, so check out the myOTR website for the most current enrollment dates. The Office of the Registrar (OTR) also sends email communications of dates and deadlines so check your Sheridan Email account for details.

  • How do I sign up for my GenEd Course electives?

    Once the enrollment period opens, you can sign-up online through your myStudent Centre. To select your GenEd, you’ll need to “swap” your GENELECT placeholder for one of our classes using the steps outlined on the myOTR website for assigned timetable students and custom timetable students .

    Not sure which type of timetable you have? Find your program details here.

  • Why can’t I see all of the course options in myStudent Centre?

    For the first few days of enrollment, you may notice that you are limited to a particular time, day, and/or campus. This is to make sure that everyone has access to a class during the time that the program has recommended. HOWEVER, when cross-campus enrollment opens, all GenEd time/location restrictions are removed and you will have increased access to GenEd courses that still have seats available.

  • Can I take my GenEd at another campus?

    Yes! We offer GenEds at all three of Sheridan’s campuses. Once Cross Campus enrollment opens, students can enroll in a GenEd at any time and any campus. Remember to give yourself enough time to get to the other campus.

  • How do I know if I’m ready to take an Online GenEd?

    Taking an Online GenEd class is a great option for many students, but it isn’t the best match for everyone. Before enrolling in an online GenEd class, check out this Online Readiness Quiz to find out if online learning is “right” for you. 

  • What happens if I don’t register for my GenEd before the semester begins?

    You can self-enroll (online via your myStudent Centre) until Day 5 of the new semester in any GenEd that still has seats available. After that, you will need to make an appointment with your Records Specialist in the Office of the Registrar who can enroll you in an available class or discuss other options. 

  • What are my options if I missed, or was unsuccessful in my General Education course?

    You can pick up a GenEd course in a future semester. Keep in mind there is a fee associated with taking a GenEd outside of your regular program map.

  • The class I want to take is full: what are my options?

    Once a class is full, you can monitor the class enrollment to see if a space opens up, but make sure that you enroll in another class in the meantime. Many of the GenEd courses fill quickly, so register early to give yourself the most options to pick from.

  • The system won’t allow me to enroll in the class I want. Why? What do I do?

    There are a few different reasons why you may not be able to select a class.

    • Exclusions: Some of our GenEd classes overlap with the required classes in some Sheridan programs. If a GenEd class repeats program content, then students cannot enroll in that particular class since GenEd classes need to introduce students to ideas and concepts outside of their program.
    • Full enrollment: GenEd classes are limited to 40 students.
    • Reserve capacity: Some GenEd classes are reserved for specific program areas and may not be open to all students.
    • After Day 5: Students cannot enroll online after Day 5 of the new semester. If you still need a GenEd after Day 5, you will need to see your Records Specialist in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Does my GenEd grade get calculated into my GPA?

    Yes. Your GenEd grades are weighted equally into the GPA and may effect your academic standing at the college. If you are planning to take another diploma or degree in the future, it’s recommended that you speak with your Academic Advisor about grade requirements for transfer opportunities.

  • Can I use a a GenEd course I’ve taken in the past toward my current program?

    Maybe. There are a number of ways that you can earn transfer credits for your previous studies and learning:

    • Sheridan GenEds: Many G-coded GenEd classes will be automatically transferred toward your new Program of study. If your course was not transferred, contact for details and next steps.
    • Sheridan Breadth Courses: Many GD-coded courses are eligible for transfer toward your GenEd requirements. Contact to request a course substitution.
    • Advanced Standing: Courses taken at other accredited post-secondary institutions may be eligible for transfer via Advanced Standing. For information about course eligibility, review the information posted on our myPathways site or contact directly.
  • What if I have a question not on this list?

    Contact Us for support! Support for GenEd classes is available on all three campuses and accessible by