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Academic Upgrading

The skills you need to enter a college program or improve your job prospects.

Academic Upgrading is a tuition-free program that provides you with the admission requirements needed to apply to a college program, certificate program or workplace skills needed for employment. The program is recognized by all colleges in Ontario and is tailored to meet your specific educational needs.

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Please watch this presentation and read through the program information on Academic Upgrading:



Program Information- Subjects Offered:


  • Communications (up to Grade 12)
  • Mathematics (up to Grade 12)
  • Chemistry (up to Grade 12)
  • Biology (up to Grade 11)
  • Computer Applications
  • Strategies for Success

Classes are offered in during the day from 9am-noon, 1pm-4pm and 6:30-9:30pm, 1-2 times per week.


Courses are teacher taught and offered in a combination of in-class and on-line.


Note: Courses deliveries and timings are subject to change, and maybe campus specific.


Campus Locations: Oakville (Trafalgar Campus) and Brampton (Davis Campus)


Program Intake Months: September, January and May


Length of Program: Student specific; can be discussed with Student Support Specialist.


Assistance Available

Partial financial assistance may be available for transportation and daycare expenses for those who qualify.

Employment Ontario

Academic Upgrading is a tuition-free program.


This Employment Ontario project, program or service is funded by the Ontario government.


Admission Requirements

  • Minimum 19 years of age (some exceptions may apply).
  • Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark 6 in Speaking and Listening if English is not your first language (Canadian Language Benchmarks assessment report required).
  • All applicants are assessed in order to determine individual student's entry-level.

Interested in applying?

Step 2:

You can apply by downloading our pdf form and emailing back to us.
 To access the online form, you will need to open it in Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. The form is not compatible with Firefox or Safari browsers.
To apply to our Davis (Brampton) Campus, please download the form here, fill out the form and email to
To apply to our Trafalgar (Oakville) Campus, please download the form here, fill out the form and email to
Please save the form to your desktop before filling it in and emailing to us. 

Step 3:

After you have submitted your form, someone will be in touch with you to book your one to one consultation with a Student Support Specialist.