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Faculty Profiles

Greg Royal

Greg  Royal

Professor, School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship

With 30 years experience in teh electrical industry, Greg has been responsible for programming, automation, instrumentation and process control, not to mention to his 20-years of high voltage maintenance. In 2013 Greg shifted his career to higher education, teaching PLC (programmable logic controllers) at Niagara College. Several years thereafter, Greg progressed to a partial load professor at Mohawk College. At the beginning of 2018, Greg moved into his role at Sheridan College and in August 2018, took on a full time professorial load.

With a CFAA technician's license (Canadian Fire Alarm Association), a Certificate in Adult Education from Brock University and as Course Lead in the PLC department of the School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship, Greg brings an abundance of experience to his students in the skilled trades.

Greg's passion is providing students with practical, relevant learning and hands-on industry-standard experience in the fields of Industrial automation and instrumentation.