Architectural Technology


In the School of Architectural Technology, we excel at teaching visualization and design, and give students a sound education in design development, graphic communication, legislation, building science and structure.

Graduates from Sheridan’s two-year Architectural Technician program and three-year Architectural Technology diploma enter the workforce with two powerful competitive advantages: a nationally recognized credential and a superior, industry-approved education.


Architecture Week 2018

Sheridan's 4th annual Architecture Week was once again a resounding success thanks to the 125+ Architectural Technology students who engaged and the faculty who gave their time, energy and enthusiasm. The inspired thinking that came out of the week's activities was unparalleled.

The tessellation exercise was new this year, created by Wendi Morrison; its results were exceptional, with great patterning! The 1:1 detailing wall sections were fantastic, and our ingenious CADD team showcased a new activity that saw the students CADDing, printing, drawing, cutting, folding, and assembling paper cubes to build a tower. We enjoyed an inspiring talk by guests from Build for Bokma – urban landscape artists who create "skateboardable" sculptures and finally, an almost 200 people-strong engagement in our Studio 1 Design Charrette.

There were so many creative projects completed, prizing, engaging conversation and loads of laughter. The week was jam-packed with enriched learning; Architecture Week 2018 was missing nothing!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the week! It was a glowing success because of each of you!

Arch Tech collaboration with the Small Arms Society

As engaged members of the architectural community, Ken Snell and Shannon Pirie, both frequently heard names from the School of Architectural Technology, have been significantly involved with The Small Arms Society (SAS) in Mississauga. SAS is a non-profit corporation under the Ontario Corporations Act which strives to represent the community in the preservation and re-purposing of the Small Arms Inspection Building into a Creative Hub.

The building and land, located in the City of Mississauga, were acquired in April 2017. To help address a seating shortage in the facility, students from Architectural Technology program collaborated with students from Furniture Making to produce stool-storage boxes that achieve both a period-style and functional aesthetic.

Collaborations are such wonderful opportunities to bring talent and knowledge from different disciplines together, to create. This proved to be a fun, exploratory collaboration that ended in the production of 20 units for use at the Small Arms Society.

Veldi Chair

In a collaborative effort between Matthew Reeve of the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST) and the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD), a metal frame chair was conceived, designed and produced. Ergonomic tools were used for rationalizing the height of both the seat and back of the chair, and lots was learned about advantages and limitations of designing with metal.

We hope this is just one of many steps along the collaboration continuum between FAST and FAAD.

Shannon Pirie

Inspirational in a learning environment, Shannon teaches to students to draw on real-life examples and pay attention to their surroundings. As an active Architectural Technology professor and Research Coordinator for the School of Architectural Technology, Shannon uses creativity in and out of the classroom to make learning relevant, engaging and inspiring.

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