Applied Computing


Sheridan’s Applied Computing programs prepare you to respond to the rapidly evolving field of Information and Communication Technology. You’ll experience hands-on learning in leading-edge topics like information systems security, mobile and wireless technology, web development, computer programming, software engineering and development, interactive media management, database development and internet communications technology.

The School of Applied Computing offers a spectrum of 11 computer programs covering different credentials including:

2-year Diplomas
3-year Advanced Diplomas
4-year Degrees
1-year Graduate Certificates

Many of the computing programs have subtle differences that can be challenging to decipher. Please feel free to contact us to help you understand the differences between the 11 programs, and to help you find the best program for your interests, skills and goals.


Interactive Media Management Grad Show

Check out our students inspired and innovative Interactive Media Management (IMM) portfolios and projects at the IMM Grad Show next week.

Thursday, May 3rd
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
401 Richmond - 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON

Students have been creating and experimenting developing portfolio pieces and projects using Arduino, Processing, Projection Mapping, Leap Motion and more. Play in a web cam band! Explore AR and VR projects. Catch a glimpse of the next level of Interactive Media Management graduate.

2018 Capture the Flag contest

On Saturday, April 7 from 10am to 5pm, the ISSessions club ran their wildly popular 'Capture the Flag' event with support from the SSU. Students from ISS, Systems Analyst and Software Development Network Engineering programs participated in 70 contest challenges designed by current students and ISS alumni. Challenge Categories included Digital Forensics, Cryptography, Database, Systems Administration, Steganography, Programming, Web Application Vulnerability Exploitation, Network Traffic Analysis and general computer science and info sec trivia covering history.

With over 50 participants, the event was a great success and plans are already underway for next year's contest, with the hopes of opening it up to more computing programs and other institutions. The winning teams took home prizes including Raspberry Pi computer kits, lockpick sets and books on information security.

Congratulations to first place team, "rm -rf /", second place team 'Team 16' (who, incidentally, was composed of 4 solo registrants who met that morning for the first time ever) and third place team, ComradeSec.

Congratulations to all participants and teams for an awesome day in InfoSec!

Clinic of the Future at Realities in Medicine Expo 2018

On the April 7th & 8th weekend, the Sheridan Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI), represented by Mobile Computing Program Coordinator Magdin Stoica, CMI Director Ed Sykes and a team of dedicated Mobile Computing students, presented their work at the Realities in Medicine Conference.

The CMI display showcased the “Clinic of the Future” involving an innovative patient care and management system and Microsoft Hololens AR for physicians. The patient care system simulates AI for diagnosis, and CloudDX’s Vitaliti wearable provides real-time vitals for the doctor to see in the Hololens.

The CMI display was a highlight of event, with even Microsoft acknowledging the innovation we demonstrated through the use of the devices and leading Augmented Reality gear (the Hololens). The Realities in Medicine Conference was the first Canadian scientific conference in AR/VR/MR focused on the research around mixed realities in medicine.

Through conferences like these, healthcare professionals, medical educators and clinical researchers connect with developers and the virtual, augmented, and mixed reality industry to look at uses, evidence and best practices for the development of virtual, augmented reality for patient care, medical education, and research.

Fishackathon 2018

First organized in 2014 to create digital solutions to the sustainability of fisheries, Fishackathon brings together thousands of concerned designers, developers, and subject matter experts for a weekend build of practical tech solutions to endemic problems defined by the world’s most respected fisheries experts.

Teams gathered in 40+ cities around the world from February 10th-11th, 2018 to design, develop and demo for their solutions to distinguished judges. Fishackathon Toronto was held at Toronto City Hall on and included over 150 participants.

Team InFinniFish, led by Sheridan SDNE undergrad Alvin Ramoutar and including Aunan Hamlet, from Sheridan's SDNE program, Gordon Stevens from Centennial, Jonathan Ramnauth from Humber and Steve Sharp, Fanshawe graduate, edged into the runner up position for their team's solution.

Way to go InFinniFish! Congrats on a great showing.

2017 Software Development Network Engineering Capstones

Students in their final year of the Software Development Network Engineering program put forth an impressive effort in their year-long Capstone projects. The Capstone project represents a solution to a real problem of a real client, and the student determination, spanning the course of a year, is significant!

The effort put into all Capstone projects was inspiring and the results notable. All Capstone students deserve a HUGE congratulations for their focused attention, motivation and tireless efforts to develop a solution to their Capstone challenge. Four team finalists presented their solution and competed in the Capstone Showcase in January.

Find out about each of the finalists Capstone project.

Capstone Competition highlights - Systems Analyst

Few things are more rewarding to a faculty member than watching a student's transition from an inexperienced first year student to an innovative young graduate. And nothing punctuates this transformation more than the Capstone Competition.

The Capstone Competitions represent the cumulative work of a team of Sheridan students in response to an industry problem. Student teams work, throughout the course of the year, on a comprehensive project which is integrated into the course curriculum. The Capstone project is a real problem of a real client, and the student effort is nothing short of spectacular.

Congratulations to all teams who participated, especially G-Rated who were our first place winners!

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The School of Applied Computing offers a spectrum of 11 computer programs covering different credentials including: 2-year Diplomas, 3-year Advanced Diplomas, 4-year Degrees and 1-year Graduate Certificates. Many of our computing programs have subtle differences that can be difficult to decipher. Please feel free to get in touch to understand the differences in programs.

Most of the Applied Computing programs are offered at both campuses with the exception of Information Systems Security, Mobile Computing, Interactive Media Management and Game Development Advanced programming, all of which are offered at Trafalgar. Information Technology Support Services is offered at Davis.

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