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Sheridan’s Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST) provides a purposeful and nimble post secondary education.

At FAST, we provide practical, hands-on learning opportunities that can be carried from the classroom to the workforce. Our high-intensity and industry-renowned programs equip you with relevant knowledge and real-world problem solving skills.

From computing to engineering, architectural technology to chemistry and skilled trades, as a FAST graduate, you’ll have more opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

  • Programs 35
  • Students 7,000
  • 2013-14 Applied Computing Research projects 20+
  • 2013-14 CAMDT/MEET Research Projects 40+

Faculty Highlights

2016-17 Valedictorian Pablo Newallo

Congratulations to Pablo Newallo, graduating with an Electrical Engineering Technician diploma, and one of two Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Valedictorians.

Pablo had great things to say about his experience at STC's Electrical Engineering Technician program. "Dan Hammond [the Program Coordinator] supported me before I even accepted the offer. He took the time to show me around STC, to explain the program and answer all my questions. He made me really want to learn at Sheridan," a decision that Pablo did not regret! "The faculty believed in me and supported me. And here I am, Valedictorian!”

With the hopes of returning to STC for an Apprenticeship program, Pablo is excited about where his Electrical Engineering Technician ​diploma will take him.

Congratulations, Pablo. An honour well-deserved.

FAST Awards 2017

Congratulations to all 2017-18 Faculty of Applied Science and Technology (FAST) award recipients. We were honoured to celebrate your significant achievements at the FAST Awards Ceremony on May 30th.

Faculty awards give us the chance to celebrate the excellence of our students, our partnerships with the community and industry, and students who are bright, talented, skilled and job-ready. FAST is grateful to our awards donors for their continued and generous student support and also to our students for being so truly amazing! Your determination, ambition, dedication and commitment are nothing shy of impressive and will serve you well throughout your lives.

Congratulations to all our award recipients!

Glen Forest STEM Conference 2017

Janet Bedard and student Rahul Amirthaganesan attended the Glenforest Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) conference on May 25th. Quite possibly the largest student run STEM conference in North America, Glenforest STEM organizes Conferences and events to make students aware of the educational and career pathways in STEM fields.

Over 1500 high school students participated in the 2017 STEM conference. Rahul, formerly a student at Glenforest, took his STEM learnings to the next level when he chose to attend Sheridan after meeting the Drone team at last year's STEM conference. This time, Rahul was on the opposite side of the booth showcasing Sheridan drones as a student researcher. Rahul is currently researching with the commercial drone research team under Dr. Vahid (Dan) Mashatan.

Focusing on the Centre for Mobile Innovation

The Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI), with the recent announcement of a significant funding injection, will be honing its research efforts around mobile computing solutions to modern healthcare problems.

Through the use of leading mobile and related technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Wearable Computing, Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Machine Learning, the CMI will undertake to conduct research in mobile computing, driven by industry need, with the goal of producing innovative, functional, relevant solutions.

With an excellent team of professors, and students that are eager to collaborate, the CMI is getting ready for the future with their renewed direction focusing on the creation of innovative solutions to a variety of healthcare problems and challenges.

Skills Ontario Competition 2017

Congratulations to all Sheridan participants at the 2017 Skills Ontario competition last week. You not only represented Sheridan, you raised the bar for what can be accomplished.

Congratulations to all our participants and award winners and good luck in the next stage of the Skills Competitions.

2017 Coop Student of the Year awards

The Faculty of Applied Science and Technology was proud to celebrate the successes of our Coop Students of the year on Tuesday, March 28th.

Congratulations to FAST's Coop Student of the Year recipients, Harmandeep Singh Sidhu, for Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology (pictured on the left) and Catherine Poehlman, for Applied Computing (pictured on the right).

Catharine was further celebrated as the recipient of the prestigious EWO (Education at Work Ontario) Coop student of the year award. EWO is the voice of post secondary cooperative education in Ontario and the award reflects a significant province-wide accomplishment.

Congratulations Harmandeep and Catharine. You make us proud!

Faculty Administrators

Dr. Iain R McNab, Dean
Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

Terry Davison, Acting Associate Dean
School of Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences

Philip Stubbs, Associate Dean
School of Applied Computing, Davis

Ricardo Hoar, Associate Dean
School of Applied Computing, Trafalgar

Dave Wackerlin, Associate Dean
School of Architectural Technology

Dr. Iain McNab, Acting Associate Dean
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Technology

Dave Wackerlin, Associate Dean
School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships


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