Sheridan College Welcomes You to Industry Day 2020

Industry Day is an annual event designed to showcase the talents of our graduating classes from the Honours Bachelor of Animation, Computer Animation, Digital Creature Animation and Visual Effects programs.

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Industry Day Commercial

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings from Sheridan's Animation Class of 2020.

This animation was created by students Zhang Xun and Cameron D. Johnson (Animation), Sonya Oliaji and Nicky Lam (Cleanup), Dani Elizondo (Sound) and Tori Richards (Bg Paint and Compositing).

Interview Day

Interview Day is designed to provide industry representatives with the opportunity to conduct formal student interviews.

On the day of the screening, representatives are given an opportunity to identify students they would like to interview on the following day.

Interviews will take place on the Oakville campus, in fully equipped interview rooms and according to preferences (number and length of interviews) designated by company reps.

Accommodations in the Oakville Area

Corporate Rate:

The Holiday Inn Oakville Centre at 590 Argus Road has a corporate rate for Sheridan College.

Other Options:

The accommodations below are 10–15 minutes away by taxi (off the highway):

  • Hilton Garden Inn Toronto/Oakville
  • Monte Carlo Inn Oakville Road East
  • Fairfield Inn Toronto Oakville