About the Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

The Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD) is Canada's largest art school. Internationally recognized for our outstanding Animation program, we offer you a solid education across the creative spectrum.

The art and design programs in our Faculty are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). In their nomenclature for non-U.S. institutions, our programs are "substantially equivalent."

  • Alumni involved in Academy-Award Nominated Films in 2015 60+


Bachelor of Photography Students Create Artist Profiles

Fourth-year Bachelor of Photography student James Michael Chiang’s video was made as an independent study for one of his final projects. Michael was also was asked by his co-op placement company, Sons and Daughters, to create a portfolio piece which was more commercial than his more conceptual work.

Joe Morse illustrates special edition of Beloved by Toni Morrison

Bachelor of Illustration program coordinator Joseph Morse was commissioned by The Folio Society to illustrate Nobel laureate Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel “Beloved.”

The Folio Society also issued a press release about his work saying “Joe Morse’s award-winning illustrations, approved by the author, capture the novel’s extraordinary power.” The illustrations have recently won awards from Communication Arts and American Illustration.

Animation and Game Design summer workshops at Sheridan

Sheridan College will be holding summer workshops for any of those interested in animation and game design. For the workshops not posted on the Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies, students should go directly to the Registrar’s office.

Pair of Interior Decorating students win CDECA awards

Two Sheridan College Interior Decorating students have received Canadian Decorator’s Association (CDECA) awards of excellence for their work. Katy Scarlett-Meger (gold award) and Iwona Kozibroda (silver) received this national award which recognize excellence in a number of categories, including the student category.

Illustration graduate gets comic book featured at TCAF

Sheridan Illustration graduate Steve Murray’s (also known as Chip Zdarsky, his pseudonym) latest comic book titled Sex Criminals was featured at TCAF (Toronto Comics Arts Festival). Sex Criminals was declared number one on Time Magazine’s list of Top Ten Comics and Graphic Novels of 2013 saying “It’s a precision-tuned screwball comedy on its surface, and that surface is gorgeous, thanks to Zdarsky’s ace sense of design and inventive color technique.

About FAAD

At FAAD, we train performers, animators, filmmakers, designers and artists like you to realize your full potential. You come here for the challenge of being different — and to make a difference — through your creative explorations.

Our renowned faculty members come from industry which means you receive a professionally relevant education that also makes you highly employable in your field. FAAD also gives you the chance to learn the latest technologies and offers opportunities to collaborate with students from other disciplines and faculties for a balanced education.

As a FAAD graduate, you leave with a rare combination of artistic talent, professionalism and technical sophistication. You’ll be poised for success — and prepared to make your creativity a force for change.

Our Faculty

Ronni Rosenberg

Ronni Rosenberg

Dean, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design

Ronni Rosenberg completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto in art and art history. After receiving an MFA in photography and printmaking from Pratt institute, she accepted a position in the Fine Art Department at the State University of New York at Stony Brook to design and develop the photography and printmaking studios in their newly constructed facility. 

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Angela Stukator

Associate Dean, Animation and Game Design

Angela has over twenty years of experience in animation, film and digital media education at the post-secondary level. She studied in three countries, achieving a BA from Brock University, a MA from State University of New York at Buffalo, and a PhD from the University of Bristol. She has been at Sheridan College since August 2003.

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Maija Saari

Associate Dean, Film, Television and Journalism

Maija Saari is the Associate Dean for the Department of Film, Television and Journalism in the Faculty of Animation, Art and Design. Maija is responsible for a cluster of eight programs, including Media Fundamentals, Media Arts, Advanced Television and Film, Journalism-Print, Journalism-Broadcast, Journalism-New Media, Corporate Communications and Makeup for Media and Creative Arts.

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Donna Braggins - Associate Dean of the Department of Design, Illustration and Photography at Sheridan College

Donna Braggins

Associate Dean, Design, Illustration and Photography

Donna Braggins is Associate Dean at Sheridan College, responsible for 5 programs including Design, Illustration, Photography, Interaction Design and Web Design. She has previously served as art director of Maclean’s and Canadian Business magazines and president of the National Magazine Awards Foundation.

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Michael Rubinoff

Michael Rubinoff

Associate Dean, Visual & Performing Arts

Michael Rubinoff earned a B.A. in political science and an LL.B. (Valedictorian) from the University of Western Ontario (“UWO”). While at UWO he served on the university’s Board of Governors and two terms as Legal Society President. In 1997, on a platform highlighting post secondary school issues, he ran for Member of Parliament in the riding of London North Centre and was one of the youngest candidates in the country.

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Heather Whitton

Heather Whitton

Associate Dean, Material Art and Design

Heather Whitton was appointed Associate Dean in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design in 2007.  She provides academic leadership for the following programs: Bachelor of Interior Design, Bachelor of Craft and Design (Ceramics, Glass, Furniture, Textiles and Industrial Design), Visual & Creative Arts diploma and advanced diploma, Interior Decorating diploma, Visual Merchandising Arts diploma and Art Fundamentals certificate.

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FAAD News and Events

Sheridan graduate success story: Jordan Scott

2015 Ceramics graduate John Scott recently won the Gardiner Award which is handed out to the “Best In Show” exhibit. Jordan also received $500 and an exhibition in the Lobby Window at the Gardiner next year. Since then, Jordan has traveled to Korea for a research trip visiting pottery villages, meeting master potters and will soon go to the UK to be a pottery intern at the historic Leach Pottery in St. Ives.

Alumni Film Screening Siddharth

Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

When: May 28th

Location: 1430 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville, Ontario, L6H 2L1

The Sheridan Alumni Office is proud to welcome Richie Mehta (Advanced Television and Film, 2002) and Steven Bray (Media Arts, 2002), back on campus for the exclusive screening of Siddharth. This is Mehta’s second feature film which had its world premiere at the 70th Venice International Film Festival last summer. Siddharth is written, directed and edited by Richie Mehta, produced by Steven Bray, David Miller and Richie Mehta, and co-edited by Stuart McIntyre (Advanced Television and Film, 2002).

Sheridan's Big Picture Gala

The Big Picture Gala is Sheridan’s signature fundraising event. It is a fun, high-end benefit that showcases the uniqueness of Sheridan by featuring our programs and people, and our ability to deliver a premier, purposeful educational experience in an environment renowned for creativity and innovation. Performances by students from Sheridan’s Music Theatre Performance Program, films from our world-class animation programs, a crafters marketplace and a large silent auction focused on experiential packages and art, to offer just a glimpse of the activities guests will encounter.

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