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Get Support on Campus

The following resources are available on campus to assist anyone in the Sheridan community who has experienced or witnessed sexual violence and would like support.


Health Centre

  • Trafalgar Road Campus: Room B129; Phone: 905-845-9430, ext. 2550
  • Davis Campus: Room C210; Phone: 905-459-7753, ext. 5153
  • Hazel McCallion Campus: Room A147: 905-845-9430, ext. 5375

View Health Centre hours of operation.

Campus Security

For after-hours on-campus support, please contact Campus Security at 905-815-4044, or use the emergency phones located both inside and outside on each campus.

Counselling Services & Student Rights and Responsibilities Office

Both Counselling Services and the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office are located in Student Affairs:

  • Trafalgar Road Campus: Room B104; Phone: 905-845-9430, ext. 2557
  • Davis Campus: Room B230; Phone: 905-459-7533, ext. 5400
  • Hazel McCallion Campus: Check in at the Welcome Desk; Phone: 905.459.7533, ext. 2528


If you're a student in Residence, support through the Residence Life staff is available 24/7. They can help you connect with the appropriate resources and supports.

Employees and Visitors

If you’ve experienced sexual violence

If you’ve experienced sexual violence on or around campus, we encourage you to contact the Centre for Equity and Inclusion at the Trafalgar Road Campus (Oakville): Room B237; Phone: 905-845-9430, ext. 2915 or 2229

If you’ve witnessed sexual violence

If you've witnessed sexual violence, we’ll help you by providing available resources and necessary support to report the incident.

If you're a visitor to campus, please report the incident to Security at 905-815-4044 or use the emergency phones located both inside and outside on each campus.

If you're a Sheridan employee and you witness or become aware of an allegation of sexual violence against another member of the college community, you're required to report the alleged incident to:

Manager, Human Rights and Equity
Centre for Respectful and Healthy Workplaces
Phone: 905-845-9430, ext. 2915
(After hours, call Security at 905-845-9430, ext. 4044)

You may wish to access the Employee Assistance Program services after witnessing or becoming aware of and reporting an incident of sexual violence. These services are available 24/7 by calling 1-800-268-5211. TYY individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing may call 1-877-338-0275.