Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion at Sheridan

The Sheridan Harassment and Discrimination Policy aims to promote human rights in all aspects of the learning and work environment and provides a framework for action to resolve complaints of harassment and discrimination based on one or more of the following grounds enumerated under the Ontario Human Rights Code:

Race/Colour Disability Citizenship
Sex Ancestry
Marital Status
Age (18+)
Place of Origin
Family Status
Gender Identity/Gender Expression 
Ethnic Origin
Sexual Orientation Receipt of Public Assistance
Record of Offence

Sheridan is committed to creating and sustaining an environment that supports the dignity, self-esteem and fair treatment of everyone in our community. The college seeks to foster a climate of mutual respect that affirms diversity and inclusion as sources of our strength and enrichment.

The Sheridan Harassment and Discrimination Policy addresses harassment and discrimination issues related to the Human Rights Code grounds listed above.  Workplace harassment issues that are not based on Human Rights Code grounds are addressed through the Workplace Harassment Policy.

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