Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion at Sheridan

Centre for Equity and Inclusion

Sheridan values diversity and strives to create an equitable and inclusive place to study and work. We can achieve this by:

  • Sharing responsibility for respecting others’ rights and dignity, and working to remove barriers
  • Committing to ongoing awareness and education about equity issues
  • Ensuring that Sheridan policies and practices meet or exceed legislative requirements



  • Advise on making your events, practices, and policies more equitable, accessible and inclusive
  • Provide guidance on inclusive language for documents and publications
  • Address concerns of sexual violence, gender-based violence, and intimate partner violence


  • Develop customized workshops and presentations for classes, student clubs or work teams
  • Design awareness campaigns on equity issues
  • Partner with student and employee groups to develop educational events on topics related to equity and inclusion

Complaint Resolution

  • Advise on conflicts related to harassment and discrimination
  • Offer mediation and other alternative dispute resolution services
  • Conduct investigations into concerns of harassment and discrimination


If you have a concern and would like to make an appointment to speak with us, please fill out this form, save it, and email it to us at

You may also call us at Ext. 2229

Please let us know if you require information about the accessibility of our service or to receive documents in an accessible format or with communication supports.


Marla Terreberry-Portfilio
Manager, Human Rights and Workplace Harassment
Ext. 2915

Margaret Sanderson
Manager, Diversity and Inclusion
Ext. 2775

Glenn Walsh
Specialist, Equity and Inclusion
Ext. 2777