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Robert Allan

Robert Allan


Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design


I’ve been proudly teaching musical theatre at Sheridan College in the musical theatre department since 2008. I also have taught at other colleges, notably Randolph College for the Performing Arts, and George Brown Dance.

I have great passion for facilitating growth of the students in my classrooms. I sincerely believe dance in musical theatre is for everyone, and I genuinely love to see less experienced dancers learn confidence and coordination, as well as trained dancers push their art even further.

Recently my focus has been drawn to equitable practices in musical theatre dance training. I would like  to be more specific and articulate with myself and my students about what it is we are working on. My current aim is find space for all types of movement patterns and aesthetics in the musical theatre dance classroom, not just those of Eurocentric tradition. I am trying several new ways in class to facilitate students naming their aptitudes and goals, and choosing how they will get there- in contrast to holding up one style or technique as “better” than another. I am also undertaking more concerted effort to select material that represents a wider representation of characters, stories, and writers. I am also choosing to be more flexible in my syllabus design and incorporate into a several classrooms student centred design, allowing students to select the exercises and projects they would like to undertake.

Teaching Interests

  • Musical Theatre, Dance, Dance and Theatre History, Movement Analysis, Choreography, Dance Technique, Repertoire Performance.

Research Interests

  • Progressive and inclusive practices for dance technique instruction in the musical theatre classroom, unpacking the history of western concert jazz dance and its diasporic African American roots, developing classroom practices and aims that push the commercial field of musical theatre toward a more inclusive and global standard.
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