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Sheridan Senate Election 2018 - Nomination Results

Elections will take place for FT faculty vacancies in FAHCS and FHASS.  Elections will take place for Non-FT faculty vacancies in FAAD and PSB.  Student Senator elections will take place in FAAD.  Each constituency elects their own Senators.  The campaign period is now open and the on-line elections will take place from Friday, April 20/18 at 9:00 a.m. through to Tuesday, April 24/18 at 4:00 p.m.  Eligible voters will receive a personal email with a unique link to the election.

Faculty of Animation Arts and Design

3 FT faculty vacancies – 1 nomination received

  • David Joron – acclaimed

Faculty of Health and Community Studies

ELECTION – 2 FT faculty vacancies – 3 nominations received

  • Monica Lysack

    I respectfully ask for your support to be re-elected to represent you in the Sheridan Senate. I have been a full time faculty member in the School of Education since 2013 and have served one term as a Sheridan Senator.

    During my first term in Senate, I was elected by fellow senators to serve as Speaker (parliamentarian who chairs the meetings) for two of the three years I served. I have worked on several initiatives including governance and the current search for Sheridan’s new president.

    It is my hope that I will be able to use the hard-earned experience and knowledge of my first term to better serve our college in academic decision-making. As we grow and mature as Sheridan Senate, I intend to continue to work on matters that enhance our ability as faculty to uphold the high academic standards we all work hard to achieve and maintain. Currently I am exploring with other Senate Executive members, the possibilities of amending our policy to allow our PD funding to be carried over two years.

    I am exceptionally proud to be a part of Sheridan Senate and what we have accomplished. As we often do in other areas, Sheridan is leading the way with a governance model to which other colleges aspire.

    I respectfully ask for your support to serve as your FAHCS Senate representative.

  • Bethany Osborne 

    Bethany Osborne I wanted to introduce myself as one of the candidates running for Senate, representing FAHCS.I would welcome the opportunity to take on this exciting role. What I have learned in the past year, in particular, is that it is important that faculty have a voice in the decisions that are being made at Sheridan, that are shaping our futures, the future of our students and the future of higher education. What I would bring to the table as your representative is a commitment to ensure that FAHCS faculty voices are represented authentically.

    One thing that people say about me is that I am someone who works hard, am easy to approach, like to get involved, am a creative problem-solver and love to work collaboratively. As one of your representatives, I would bring a commitment to co-creating a Sheridan College that meets the needs of the many members of its community with a clear focus on equity, diversity and accessibility.

  • Malene Stewart

    I have had the privilege to serve on Senate over the past few years actively participating in the governance of academic policies that influence teaching and learning. As part of the FAHCS team I am dedicated to ensuring quality in our education and believe that membership on Senate as well as the local academic council are unique opportunities to champion change. I hold a Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on social policy. My social justice lens gives me a unique perspective when considering academic policy decisions that will impact students. As your elected member of Senate I will continue to advocate for academic freedom and for greater opportunity for faculty to engage in creative activities that both support and enhance experiential learning for students in the classroom. Thank you for taking the time to read my message and for your vote!

Faculty of Applied Science and Technology

2 FT faculty vacancies – 1 nomination received

  • Craig Milestone – acclaimed

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

ELECTION – 2 FT faculty vacancies – 7 nominations received

  • Sara Cumming

    Sara Cumming is a Professor of Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. She earned her PhD in Sociology, specializing in inequality and social policy from the University of Waterloo. As part of her role as Professor here at Sheridan, Sara has worked hard to stay active outside of the classroom, both in her research portfolio as well as in community service. She is the co-investigator on a Sheridan held SSHRC grant which incorporates numerous not-for-profits, a team of Sheridan Collaborators, the government, and a large group of our own students. Sara also has a robust publishing record with academic journal articles and a discipline specific textbook coming out in 2018.

    Sara has served on many committees at Sheridan as well as in the community. She has served on hiring committees, SRCA, REB, LAC, APS and Senate – the later three to cover one of our colleague’s paternal leave. Sara also works with Home Suite Hope, a not-for-profit in Oakville that provides wraparound services for lone mothers, to provide Christmas’ for their families, and serves on their PAC. She has also recently been invited to serve on the PAC for Food For Life, a not-for-profit that serves Halton’s marginalized populations. Her extensive experience and service would make her a valuable member of Senate as Sheridan continues to move forward on its journey of becoming a polytechnic university. She is a strong and vocal advocate of faculty involvement in decision-making and will be a practical voice in all discussions.

  • Morgan Dennis

    Morgan Dennis has been teaching at Sheridan since 2006 and became full-time faculty in 2009. He has been a member of the FHASS Local Academic Council since 2011 and in 2017 assumed the role of FHASS LAC Chair. He has been the Degree Breadth Coordinator since 2013.

    Morgan has been involved in numerous committees and working groups at Sheridan, including Advanced Standing Policy review, LMS RFP Evaluation, Creative Writing & Publishing Degree development, Degree Breadth Policy review, SRCA, Sheridan’s Green Team, and the Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving. As part of LAC’s Program Quality Assurance subcommittee, and while serving as Course Outline Specialist for FHASS from 2016-2017, Morgan has gained extensive experience in program review and curriculum design and delivery. In his Degree Breadth elective Topics in Ecocriticism, Morgan engages his students, via his curriculum and their research, in creating positive social change outside of the classroom. In his various roles at Sheridan, Morgan is most interested in strengthening connections between FHASS and the other Faculties and in fostering a unique faculty voice within FHASS.

  • Patrice Esson

    I care about the future of Sheridan College. I understand that the best way to ensure the future we dream of is to actively contribute to building it. I have a Ph.D. in industrial – organizational psychology; a field that marries business management and psychology to improve organizational function and efficiency. It would be my pleasure to use my expertise in organizational behaviour and my commitment to serving the Sheridan community to facilitate the work of the Sheridan Senate. In my role as a professor, I have the opportunity to interact regularly with students, faculty and administrators at all three campuses representing a variety of programs and departments. I have been able to form meaningful and lasting relationships through my participation in several committees. I was a member of the team who envisioned and implemented Sheridan’s Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving. My engagement with the Sheridan Community also extends to my research endeavors. I am a co-investigator on two projects that have received Sheridan Research and Creative Activities (SRCA) Growth Grants, one of which is in partnership with the Center for Indigenous Learning and Support. I am also a contributor to a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funded Sheridan initiative. As one of only a few Level 4 Creativity Trainers on campus, I have shared my expertise with faculty enrolled in the Teaching and Learning Academy. I am involved, committed and dedicated to representing my Faculty and my peers while contributing meaningfully to our community.

  • Jaime Ginter

    I am excited to be running for another term as a FHASS faculty Senator representative. As a Faculty with diverse academic backgrounds and a strong focus on research and scholarship, we are well situated to inform on academic policies and procedures. My academic, research, teaching and leadership experiences make me an excellent candidate to continue to represent our Faculty on the Sheridan Senate. Through my role as faculty Senator I have also represented FHASS on the Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities (SRCA) sub-committee of Senate and our Faculty Local Academic Council (LAC). My involvement in these governance bodies, as well as the Sheridan Research Ethics Board and College Council, has given me a deeper understanding of the interests, concerns, values and goals of our institution, faculty and students. I have had the opportunity to guide students and learn about their academic concerns working as an Academic Advisor in the GAS program, and as a faculty mentor with the Co-Curricular Record program. My research experiences collaborating with colleagues within the college and at other institutions have exposed me to the challenges of conducting research and opportunities to engage in innovative research at the College.

    If re-elected, I pledge to bring our diverse voices and perspectives to the table and advocate for our shared academic interests. I value the opportunity that I have had to contribute to academic governance at Sheridan and I look forward to helping to achieve our collective goals over the next three years.

  • Jennifer Phenix

    I am running for a seat in the 2018 Senate elections and would greatly appreciate your consideration and vote. For those of you whom I have yet to meet, my name is Jennifer Phenix and I’m a Professor of Humanities in the School of Humanities and Creativity. I began at Sheridan as a student in, and graduate of, the Social Service Worker program. From there, I went on to Brock University and then to the University of Toronto to pursue Classics. I returned to Sheridan as a full-time faculty member in 2011 and currently teach courses within my disciplinary area of Greco-Roman myth and literature, and Sheridan’s Board Undergraduate Certificate in Creativity and Creative Problem Solving.

    I am running for Senate because it would be my pleasure and privilege to serve as one of FHASS’ faculty representatives and to bring a voice to Sheridan’s governance that supports and resonates with our Faculty.

    I would be happy to meet if you would like to connect with me to discuss my desire to serve on Sheridan’s Senate as a FHASS representative. In the meantime, please take a moment to vote when the polls open on Friday, April 20th at 9:00 AM. Voting ends on Tuesday, April 24th at 4:00 PM.

  • Sean Saunders

    My name is Sean Saunders and I am seeking re-election to the Sheridan Senate as a full-time faculty representative for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. During my time as a senator, I have advocated for faculty interests resolutely and confidently at the Senate and our Local Academic Council (LAC), and especially as a member of the Academic Policy Committee (APC), where I raised faculty concerns and perspectives when the new Grading Policy was introduced, when the Intellectual Property Policy was brought to the APC for input, and now as the new Academic Accommodations Policy is being drafted. After the strike concluded, I requested a motion at the Senate to hold our College leadership accountable for the post-strike schedule that was introduced in November, and amended key wording of that motion to ensure that Senate was responsible for actually approving the new schedule.

    Throughout my tenure, I have consistently asked tough questions and taken a stand for faculty issues in all arenas where I served, and if re-elected, I would dedicate myself to doing the very same work for the next three years. A colleague recently said we need to focus on what we do best – teaching – and I couldn’t agree more! The strike taught me that when faculty stand together, we are strong, and if re-elected, I am committed to continue listening to you and working for you, so together we can pursue our common goals of academic excellence for the sake of our students and our society!

  • Sarah Sinclair

    Sarah is a Communications and Literary Studies professor, and the Coordinator of General Education Courses within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHASS). In 2013, Sarah began coordinating the cross-college General Education courses which serve more than 15, 000 students annually in 400+ courses. In this role, Sarah has built relationships across Sheridan’s Faculties, supported curriculum development, engaged in provincial advisory boards and created advising documents for multiple stakeholders. In addition to her role as coordinator, Sarah is actively involved in on-campus initiatives designed to create and support opportunities for student achievement and Faculty Development. She has led and participated in multiple Working groups and committees, including the Cross-College General Education committee and Advanced Standing Policy Review. Sarah has served as co-editor of FHASS’ faculty newsletter Alchemy, and collaborated on research projects focused on faculty and student development. She has also facilitated new faculty orientations and served as a mentor to new faculty. This year, Sarah was nominated for the 3M Teaching Fellowship and has been previously recognized for her volunteerism hosting multiple PD events as part of TESL-Ontario’s Durham affiliate executive.

    Sarah holds an MA from Western University and a TESL-Ontario Certificate which has helped to blend her content expertise with a rich understanding of applied pedagogy in adult learning. A dedication to ensuring students and faculty are heard and acknowledged is integral to her professional philosophy and practice. Sarah is seeking your support to represent the voices of FHASS at the Senate.

Pilon School of Business

2 FT faculty vacancies – 2 nominations received

  • Ginger Grant – acclaimed
  • Carol Tuck-Riggs – acclaimed

Library and Learning Services

1 FT faculty vacancy – 1 nomination received

  • Karen Lints – acclaimed

Faculty of Animation Arts and Design

ELECTION – 1 NFT faculty vacancy – 4 nominations received

  • Craig Anthony Bondy

    As a proud Alumni, graduating from FAAD in 1996 with the discipline of Graphic Design and now a Partial Load Faculty member, I have been immersed in the Sheridan culture for more than 25 years.

    I can positively say that my education and association with Sheridan has provided me with the ability to successfully operate my own design firm for over 20 years, which has now in turn provided me with the knowledge and ability to teach young fresh minds foundational design skills.

    As an educator, I feel it is my responsibility to provide the best learning experience possible for all of students. By becoming an active member of the Senate, I believe I can help promote and create a better learning environment for the next generation of Sheridan Alumni.

    Thank you for considering me to represent FAAD in the upcoming vote.

  • Alan Flint

    Currently, I am the Part Time representative for FAAD on Sheridan’s Senate and wish to have your support to continue my role as a Senator for the next 3 years. As an artist/educator I have a great passion for teaching and learning!

    For 10 consecutive years I have been awarded Partial Load contracts to teach such courses as Writing for Media, Media History, Sound Design and Intro to Radio Broadcasting in Sheridan’s Media Fundamentals program. Before Sheridan I taught for many years as an Assistant Professor in studio art programs at both Emily Carr University in Vancouver and McMaster University in Hamilton.

    For more than 9 years I have and continue to volunteer on many cultural development projects in Cuba. This work includes teaching, workshops, exhibitions, residencies, exchanges, and also facility development for Taller Cultural, an important cultural center in Santiago Cuba. This past spring I was greatly honored when invited to teach Media History for 2.5 months at Cuba’s well respected, University of Oriente.

    In my 3 years as a Senator for FAAD I have played an active role on the LAC committee, and more recently the Teaching and Learning Standing Committee. I am also one of the faculty advisors for Sheridan Life Radio a relatively new initiative that involves a unique partnership with Sheridan College and Sheridan’s Student Union.

    There are many things to learn and contribute to as a Senator for Sheridan. It’s amazing to witness the collective forces of Senators, Staff and Administrators all working together to maintain Sheridan’s reputation as a major international institution for higher learning. I would be honored and proud to continue in my community’s efforts by serving another term as the Part Time FAAD representative on the Sheridan’s Senate.

  • Mahmoud Ramezani

    I have had 35 years of experience of graphic design and fine arts, working in the corporate communications sector, and active as an artist, with many exhibitions. My unique ability to be able to translate an organization’s vision into powerful design solutions, are based on not only traditional design principles, but also transcends from traditional to modern and latest technological advancements as well. It is these skills, my post graduate education, and work experience (including my 4 years as a part-time professor, and in various departments at Sheridan College) that will allow me to make a great difference, and a very important contribution to the Sheridan College Senate board.

  • Jason R.M. Saunders

    My name is Jason Saunders and I have been a FAAD, non-full-time faculty member for 14 terms at Sheridan. As a senate representative, I will be an engaged, informed, and creative voice for our students, faculty, and school.

    In addition to teaching music focused courses in the Music Theater Performance Program, I am also co-ordinator for the Music Theatre Degree Completion Program. In this role, I have worked with students from the process of application, through to graduation. Guiding students though the full Sheridan experience has provided me with a strong foundational understanding of the administrative processes functioning across many Sheridan departments.

    During my 5 years on faculty at Sheridan, I have had the opportunity to teach and create both online and in-class courses and components. I have a clear understanding of the challenges and advantages that both modes of delivery present to creative professionals teaching these courses, as well as the challenges and advantages faced by students in these varying learning environments.

    Finally, as a non-full-time faculty member at Sheridan, I am well-aware of the unique challenges that we face with the realities of contract work. We are as dedicated, committed, and passionate when it comes to sharing our art, craft, and knowledge with students, as our full-time colleagues, though we do face a different employment experience.

    The experiences outlined above will inform my voice on the Sheridan senate. Thank-you for reading my application and for being involved.

Pilon School of Business

ELECTION – 1 NFT faculty vacancy – 2 nominations received

  • Margaret Mercer
  • Paul Sarkissian

    When I started my second career at Sheridan over 7 years ago, I didn’t realize that it would be so rewarding. I’ve had the privilege of serving as the non full-time representative of the Pilon School of Business on Senate for the last three years. During this period, I’ve greatly enjoyed contributing to the Scholarship, Research and Creative Activities standing committee of Senate and as a member and current Chair (from December 2017) of the Research & Partnerships subcommittee of our Local Academic Council. These roles have provided me with an opportunity to foster and grow new connections and initiatives that have benefited students and faculty across a diverse range of programs in our business school.

    I’m seeking a second term because I’m excited about the work that remains to be accomplished. I also believe that the road ahead for the Pilon School of Business, although with inevitable challenges, is full of promise.

Student Senators

Student Senator ELECTION will take place in FAAD for two vacancies:

  • Dani Elizondo

    As a member of the Sheridan College student body for the last 5 years, I know what it takes to spend time to advocate and create deep bonds with my fellow students, as well as faculty. I have pushed myself to be a social diplomat for the sake of my passion for student advocacy, strengthening my interpersonal and communicative skills.

    Through my student activism, I have done extensive research, spoken at councils, and have intimately acquainted with both Sheridan’s policies and the requests of the student community. I have on the behalf of students, organized several school-based surveys, town hall meetings and discussion groups, and have taken the necessary steps towards progress by approaching appropriate authorities within the college. My strong moral compass and innate belief in doing what is right for my school community, accompanied with my courage to take risks, has supported my passion to follow through with my goals. I am self-directed, thorough, and hold myself to the highest possible standards with the best intentions of myself and those around me. I believe I am an exemplary student and member of the Sheridan community, and thus I hope to earn the opportunity to prove that I can further represent the student body as Senator.

    I, Dani Elizondo, promise with great honour that if elected as Senator of FAAD, I will carry the role with utmost expectation as I do with myself and be a responsible role model for the future of Sheridan College.

  • Carla Edwards “Part Experience, Part Accountability” - The reason you should vote for Carla Edwards is because of experience and a commitment to job prospects. Once elected to represent the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, my goal is to provide more accountability of the administration in order to receive greater support in securing co-operative opportunities. As a mature student who has attended two universities and college before Sheridan, I have experienced the pitfalls of overqualified applicants in a narrow hiring field firsthand. As a certified secondary school English teacher, I understand the need to help develop future job applicants, and that as administrators the school is equipped with the experience and connections to guide them. While college helps to better prepare students to enter the job market with hands-on education as opposed to what I experienced in universities, the administration can do more. An increase of co-operative employment fairs is required, especially with the triple enrollment rate of the January intake students. That will lead to a flooded job market, so assistance in connecting with quality employers in the field is greatly needed. In addition, more Learn at Lunch companies coming to introduce their businesses and discuss hiring opportunities would be welcome. The faculty has done an amazing job in introducing these opportunities and the class of 2017-2018 is a passionate group where attendance at these events is high. The need and desire for these programs is there. Let’s work together to increase the support from the administration; to show those who have the experience in the fields we desire to enter into that we want these programs; we want their assistance in order to achieve employment happiness.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Harmoney Lee

    Hello everyone! My name’s Harmoney, next academic year I’ll be a fourth year Interaction Design student. As a brief introduction I’ve been attending Sheridan since 2014, but for this year I’ve taken a 16-month full-time co-op at IBM for Visual Design, and I am extremely ecstatic to jump back into school for the 2018 academic year.

    My reason for joining senate is very integral my academic years at Sheridan. I have a strong history of involvement with students, faculty and administration through the Sheridan Interaction Design Association community. Some may know me as the 2016-2017 president of Sheridan IXDA, someone who strong headed as many events for student engagement as possible. I believe there’s nothing more valuable than students engaging with each other during their academic life, not only for making school more enjoyable but for the invaluable learning/life experiences you get from having peers around you. That year, as president I was responsible for representing the IXD student body, while leading a 50+ council member team. To lead foresight over all association activities there was a substantial learning curve for me to understand how the school governance worked, in balance with the student community.

    Running for senate would be monumental to my fourth and final year at Sheridan. Over my years I’ve learned a considerable amount on how students, faculty and administration work together. By joining senate I hope my knowledge and experience can bring communities closer, fundamentally contributing back to what makes Sheridan so great to be in.

  • Darren Summersby

    If elected to be the student Senate for the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design (FAAD), I, Darren Summersby, will to the best of my ability represent and work hard not only for the students in FAAD but for all of the students of Sheridan College. I believe we are all one student body, and working together we can accomplish more. Through my first two years at Sheridan, I have made sure to have become part of the college community and feel what it is like to be a true Sheridan Bruin. With keeping this in mind, I will make sure that I take into account the feelings of the college community during all decision making, and make sure that all ideas I bring forward will not only be what I want to see for this school, but how it will affect all other Sheridan students as well. I will proudly represent the students of the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design and make sure that their voices are heard and decisions made will have positive results to assist their educational learning at Sheridan. I am running for this position on Senate because I want to be able to give the students in FAAD a strong representative voice and know that we, the students, must be part of the decisions made, as we are what make this such a great school to learn and grow.

  • Disha Yadav

    Hello! My name is Disha Yadav, a first year Interaction Design student at the Trafalgar Campus. Over the past year I have served as Co-Chair for the Interaction Design Student Council which has helped me foster the student needs, concerns and thoughts directly to the faculty. From my own experiences as a freshman at Sheridan I’ve learned through my downfalls and successes how all professors aim to help each and every student put their best foot forward. Sheridan is a community dedicated to its student success and as a student leader I hope to contribute my peers’ ideas, queries, problems and solutions to the Senate in order to bring significant and necessary positive changes. Being a student leader to me means to bridge the communication gap between faculty and students. I believe first-hand feedback is very necessary for an education system to flourish. Therefore, I know with my ability to be approachable and a good listener, one that can help bring student voice to the table will make a great addition to the Senate.

Student Senators – acclaimed in FAST, FAHCS, and FHASS.