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Membership List

Sheridan Senate 2019–2020

Name  Email Role Ext
Ex-Officio Voting Senators
Janet Morrison President/Chair 4020
Melanie Spence-Ariemma
Provost & VP Academic / Vice-Chair 4226
Yael Katz Vice Provost, Academic 2394
Andrea England Vice Provost, Research 4232
Marian Traynor Director, Library & Learning Services 5283
Jack Urowitz President, Union Local 244 2832
Maria Lucido Bezely  Dean, Students 2653
Anne-Liisa Longmore Dean, PSB 4090
Sean McNabney Dean, FHASS 2045
Michael O’Leary Dean, FAHCS 5001
Ronni Rosenberg Dean, FAAD 2621
Vertha Coligan Dean, FAST 2648
Vacant Dean, CTL
Mary Jane Carroll Associate Dean, FAAD 4203
Daniel Liao Associate Dean, FAST 5462
Jessica Pulis Associate Dean, FHASS 2981
Cathryn Oliver Associate Dean, PSB 2569
Sherri Steele Associate Dean, FAHCS 2431
Deanna McQuarrie Registrar 2109
Ex-Officio Non Voting Senators
Carol Altilia VP, Student Experience and Enrolment Management 4140
Anna Choudhury Director of Global Education and Internationalization 2605
Ryan Piper VP, Human Resources 2213
Amanda Pike Chief Change Officer 2949
Elijah Williams Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support 5444
Joan Sweeney-Marsh Director, Library & Learning Services 2480
Faculty Senators
Lorraine Alyea Faculty, PSB 5099
Greg Ball Faculty, PSB 2542
Peggy Barnwell Faculty, PSB 2360
Lorraine Cipparrone Faculty, PSB 5099
Paul Gallant Faculty, PSB (NFT) --
Shady Hana Faculty, PSB 32330
Fred Koch Faculty, PSB 5155
John Laugesen Faculty, PSB 33519
Wael Ramadan Faculty, PSB 2733
David Fraser Faculty, FAST 8128
Simon Hood Faculty, FAST 5696
Weijing Ma Faculty, FAST 5619
El Sayed Mahmoud Faculty, FAST 5050
Craig Milestone Faculty, FAST 5502
Vidya Narayan Faculty, FAST (NFT) 33958
Anita Usas Neving Faculty, FAST 6053
Vito Picicci Faculty, FAST 5137
Shannon Pirie Faculty, FAST 5556
Aravind Venkatapathy Faculty, FAST 5013
Anna Boshnakova Faculty, FHASS 2342
Morgan Dennis Faculty, FHASS 5239
Jaime Ginter Faculty, FHASS 2226
Alexander Hollenberg Faculty, FHASS 2954
Patricia Marshall Faculty, FHASS (NFT) 30109
Sean Saunders Faculty, FHASS 5608
Ferzana Chaze Faculty, FAHCS 5708
Jeffrey Corey Faculty, FAHCS 5027
Veronica Hissem Faculty, FAHCS 5101
Charles Lawrence Faculty, FAHCS, Speaker 5143
Sirena Liladrie Faculty, FAHCS 5421
Jim Mactaggart Faculty, FAHCS (NFT) 5293
Malene Stewart Faculty, FAHCS 2350
Jennifer Tate Faculty, FAHCS 5779
Vacant Faculty, FAHCS
Myles Bartlett Faculty, FAAD 8737
Kathleen Cummins Faculty, FAAD --
David Joron Faculty, FAAD 2578
Mark Komza Faculty, FAAD 2217
Hyein Lee Faculty, FAAD 2676
Eva MacNeil Faculty, FAAD 2519
David Matheson Faculty, FAAD 2436
Peter Palermo Faculty, FAAD 2122
Jason Saunders Faculty, FAAD (NFT) 32158
Tony Tarantini Faculty, FAAD 2195
Vacant Faculty, FAAD
Vacant Faculty, FAAD
Paula Ogg Faculty, CTL 2668
Judith MacKinnon Faculty, Counsellor 5191
Karen Lints Library, Faculty 5454
Student Senators (5 of 10 voting)
Sarvesh Badhwar FAST
Abhishek Hastir FAST
Arsh Malhotra FAHCS
Monika Milewska FAHCS
Dominique Patrick FAHCS
Luvraj Tyagi PSB
Ravibir Singh Randhawa PSB
Alok Revi FAAD
Julie Zenderoudi FAAD
Vacant FHASS
Tracy Smith Secretary of Senate 4022
Roxanne Dewey Recording Secretary of the Senate 4998