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Faculty of Applied Science and Technology Candidate Profiles

Carly Myers

The ability to balance a set of values is vital to ensuring a responsive, representative and effective position on Senate.

The balance between being a master of your trade; while participating in PD and pedagogical growth. Conserving traditional instruction; while delivering content relevant to today’s evolving workforce and technology. Sticking to our principles; while advocating for our students. Maintaining professionalism while being approachable, making students feel safe; feel ‘Home.’

My name is Carly Myers, I am a professor of welding at Sheridan College. It’s been a steep learning curve, recently transitioning from industrial field work to becoming a full-time faculty member. I am learning so much from the Sheridan community while embracing every opportunity offered to me.

Since September I have had the opportunity to engage with the Home Suite Hope foundation and be a student mentor. I directed students on the Temporary Contemporary art project displayed at Trafalgar. I have participated in the 2019 Fall Convocation Ceremony and the Sheridan Skills Competition. I’ve been working closely with ALS on a research project aimed at ensuring student success using universal design in curriculum. Most importantly, I have met colleagues and students that have impacted my life in such a meaningful and positive way.

If you feel I would best represent the values of our amazing faculty, please vote for Carly Myers. Thank you!

Hooman Nabovati

As an experienced educator and an advocate for students’ success, I will represent you in Sheridan’s Senate to support our continuing success.

I bring extensive experience in teaching, supervising, and conducting research at post-secondary level. I have served as the Academic Advisor and Program Coordinator of the Electronics Engineering Technician/Technology programs. I am currently coordinating our new Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) program, where I am mainly focusing on leading the course development and program accreditation.


As a professor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, I have taught 17 different courses in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechatronics and Physics. I received my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, and I am a registered Professional Engineering in the Province of Ontario.

Before joining Sheridan, I held various academic positions, including non-full-time professor at Sheridan College and Humber College, visiting Professor at the University of Toronto and University of Guelph. Prior to that, I served as University Vice President of Research, Chair of Department, and Assistant Professor in Iran for 13 years.

I am committed to academic excellence, accountability to all stakeholders, learner-centred education, and engaging faculty members in all levels of decision making and development of academic policies. My mission is to well prepare our students for best jobs available in the market and keep our curriculum relevant and constantly improving.

I really appreciate your support and I will take the privilege of serving in Sheridan’s Senate to advance our Faculty’s goals.

Katherine Rankin

Following the completion of my Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Guelph, I joined Sheridan College in 2012 as a faculty member in the School of Applied Chemical and Environmental Sciences. I have previously served on Senate from 2015-2018. During that time, I was a member of the Learning Partnerships and Academic Pathways Committee, and the Teaching and Learning Committee. As a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee, I helped to develop the current Sheridan Teaching Awards. My experience on Senate has given me a good appreciation of college governance, and I recognize and understand the importance of faculty input on policy and procedure, in order to ensure academic quality and accountability.

During my time at Sheridan, I also started our student Chemistry Club, and have organized science experiments and demonstrations for children at the local library. I serve as the Director of Student Affairs on the board for the Canadian Society for Chemical Technology, and am currently an Academic Advisor for the Chemical school.

As a member of Senate, I will work diligently, conscientiously, and mindfully to best serve the FAST constituency. I will ensure that your voice is heard, acknowledged and supported. I hope to represent you on Senate, and encourage everyone to vote in the election for the FAST Senate seat.

Frank Sfendeles

Frank Sfendeles joined Sheridan College in 2018 and is a Professor in the Plumbing Department. He has taught for more than 10 years at Post Secondary College level in both the Plumbing Apprenticeship and Techniques Departments. His leadership accomplishments include fulfilling the role of Program Co-Ordinator within the Plumbing Techniques Department at his previous college and representing the Skilled Trades at a Program Advisory Council level. Frank has in the past initiated an Employer-Student networking event in order to introduce students to potential employers, and firmly believes that what students are taught needs to remain relevant to employment. This realisation came some time ago when he worked for a leading mechanical contracting company and saw a gap between the skills that employers were looking for and what graduates were able to offer. By serving the Sheridan Senate, Frank hopes that he can be a voice for the Skilled Trades Team and help shape the academic policies and academic decision making in the future. Frank is excited about the new courses that the Plumbing Department will be offering, as this will enhance students’ job readiness and help ensure that Sheridan is the College of choice for both students and employers looking for graduates.

Frank holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology (University of Toronto). He holds the following licenses: Ontario Plumbing License, Masters Plumbing License and G2 Gas Technician Certificate.

He was also the recipient of the UA Local 46 JTAC Outstanding ICI Plumber Award in 2008.

Anna Strachan

Anna Strachan is a professor and program coordinator for the Precision Manufacturing programs in Sheridan College’s School of Skilled Trades and Apprenticeships.  Anna is a Tool and Die maker and Mold Maker as well as a Mechanical Engineer.  Through her coordinator role, she has been exposed to, and enjoys working with administration, LAC and ARC to present and support skilled trades initiatives at Sheridan College.  Anna is a strong advocate for the trades and would be honoured to represent the School of Skilled Trades, its students and professors at Sheridan’s Senate.

Volodymyr Voytenko

Being in my 11th year of full time teaching at Sheridan, I am passionate in helping students to grow and establish their first steps in constantly changing world of computer technologies. 

It would be an honour to be the voice for FAST faculty group by being elected for one of the Senate position. I am sure I will be able to use my experience to help Sheridan’ s policies and academic programs run effectively, in order to maintain our high standards.

Bio: Volodymyr Voytenko joined Sheridan’s Faculty of Applied Science and Technology in 2010. He has a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Computer science (1992), and a PhD in Computing Science and Mathematical Modeling (2000). Before joining Sheridan, he taught at King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta and the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown, PEI. At Sheridan, he has been teaching courses from Mobile Programming stream for Android mobile platform, programming courses in Java/ C/C++, Web-development and Database courses.  Also, from 2017, he has been actively involved in applied research for the Sheridan’s Centre for Mobile Innovation (CMI)

He is a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED). He has more than 30 research publications, and has participated in many international conferences in Canada and abroad.

El Sayed

My name is El Sayed, Professor and Program Coordinator, Honours Bachelor of Computer Science. I teach computing courses, leading Artificial Intelligence research projects at the Centre of Mobile Innovation (CMI). I have graduated with a BSc in Computer Engineering from Ain Shams University and received my MSc and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Guelph. I have joined Sheridan since 2013 and served at the Sheridan senate since 2017. I have published four journal papers, ten conference papers, one book chapter, four conference abstracts. For more information, visit my web page:

It is an honour to represent FAST faculty members in the Sheridan Senate for a second term. I'm running for re-election to the senate because I care for our institute, and my experience in teaching, research and Senate service will ensure representing faculty's views. I believe in balance and diversity for practical solutions. Developing robust policies is a significant practice for our college. These policies guide decisions and actions for achieving core objectives such as student success and faculty professional development.

My priority is to work with other senators to formulate policies that move Sheridan in the right direction as a leading teaching institute and a top Canadian employer. During my first term at the Sheridan senate, I have served as a member of three committees for promoting teaching, research, sustainable curriculum development, and quality assurance.

I would be grateful to have your support and ask for your vote in the Sheridan Senate election.