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Application and Acceptance Information

Apply to Residence Here!

Please note: A non-refundable Application Fee of $100 is required*. Application Fees apply to all residents**.

*Application fees are considered non-refundable upon receiving an acceptance into Residence.
** Current occupants who apply to continue living in Residence over consecutive terms will not be required to pay the application fee.

Academic Year (September – April):

February 15 – Applications for the following Academic Year open online

March 31Application Deadline - Guaranteed Acceptance for 1st Year Students
First year students who complete the application process by March 31 are automatically accepted into residence. Shortly after March 31 these students will receive notification via email on what to do next. *Please see the terms and conditions for this offer below. 

May 1Application Deadline - Residence Acceptance Lottery
All returning students, in addition to first year students who apply between April 1 and May 1 will be entered into a lottery for acceptance. Shortly after May 1 these students will receive notification via email on what to do next in either an acceptance email, or via notification that they are on a wait list.

After May 1Post-Lottery Applications
All applications received after May 1 will be placed onto the wait list (if applicable) on a first come, first serve basis, and will be contacted as spaces become available. 

June 15First Payment Deadline
All accepted students are required to ensure that their first residence fee payment has been received by the residence no later than June 15. If payment has not been received by the residence by June 15, the student’s acceptance may be revoked with notice via email by the residence.  For information on residence payments, please visit our Rates & Payment Options Page.

Acceptance will continue off the wait list throughout the remainder of the summer as spaces become available.

Please note:
you must be a full-time student of Sheridan College to be eligible to live in residence during the academic year. However, students are encouraged to apply to live in residence once applications open, regardless of their acceptance status with Sheridan College. Students who are accepted to residence but have not been accepted to Sheridan College, or those who chose to live off campus, have until June 15 to cancel their application and receive a full refund (see the student residence agreement for details regarding the cancellation policy).

* Terms and Conditions of the First Year Student Guarantees: All first year students who complete their Sheridan Residence Application for the Academic Year before March 31 will be guaranteed a spot in Residence based on the following set of conditions: (1) A $100 non-refundable application fee is paid and all required application details are completed on or before March 31; (2) The residence fee payment must be paid by the fee payment deadline(s); only payment option 1, option 2, or option 3 will allow you to qualify for a guaranteed spot in residence; (3) All online Residence Portal detail information before and after residence fee payment must be completed by the specified deadlines, which will be provided through the online acceptance process; (4) Must be enrolled and accepted into a full time program at Sheridan College. 

Your residence application or acceptance may be subject to termination if any of the previously stated conditions are not met. Upon cancellation of an application or acceptance, monies paid will be refunded as per the cancellation policy found in Section 8 of the Student Residence Agreement.

Summer Term (May - August):
February 15  Applications for the Summer Term open online

March 1Summer Acceptances Begin
Students will receive notification via email of their acceptance to residence along with information on what to do next to complete their acceptance for the summer term beginning March 1.

April 15First Payment Deadline
All accepted students are required to ensure that their first residence fee payment has been received by the residence no later than April 15.

Winter (January - April):
October 1 – Applications for the Winter Term open online
All students who apply for the winter term will be placed on a wait list and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis with acceptances beginning as spaces become available for the winter term.

Please note – Acceptances will begin mid-November and continue throughout the winter break in between terms and into the beginning of the winter term. Many of our winter term spaces do not become available until the end of the fall term and throughout the winter break once current residents receive their academic results from the fall term.

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