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Request a Peer Tutor

Peer tutors are Sheridan students who are selected based on their grades and a faculty reference.  Peer tutors provide tutoring to students in courses other than those supported by the Learning Assistants in the Tutoring Centre and through Sheridan’s PAL program.

A $40 admin fee is required per subject for Peer Tutoring.

A Peer Tutor will:

  • Meet with you on campus to help you in a course they have already successfully completed
  • Provide you with 10 hours of tutoring per course, per term, or 15 hours per course, per term if you are registered with Accessible Learning (AL)
  • Collaborate with you to create a tutoring schedule that suits both of your academic schedules

Guidelines for Peer Tutoring:

  • Requests are only accepted from Week 2 to Week 11 of the current term
  • If you are unable to meet with your Peer Tutor due to scheduling conflicts or for another reason, you can request to be re-matched
  • Unused tutoring hours cannot be carried over to a future term

To Request a Peer Tutor:

  • Complete the application form: Request a Peer Tutor between Week 2 and Week 11 of the current term
  • Between Week 2 and Week 11 of the current term, the Tutoring Centre will contact you to let you know that you have been matched with a Peer Tutor and can begin to get help

NOTE: While the Tutoring Centre will work to find you a peer tutor, the Centre cannot always find an available candidate.

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