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About the Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support

The Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support is an inclusive space for you to make friends and access support. It is part of Sheridan's commitment to support the academic and personal success of all Indigenous students: Status, Non-Status, Metis, and Inuit.

The Centre:

  • Is grounded in the teachings of acceptance, inclusion, compassion, good-mindedness, and the seventh generation principle.
  • Celebrates and recognizes the cultures of Indigenous peoples through teachings, cultural events and student engagement.
  • Supports all faculty, staff, and students in learning more about Indigenous cultures of Canada.
  • Encourages all students to maintain their cultural identity within Sheridan.
  • Strives to create a safe and supportive environment for our students and families as we recognize the importance of our identity as Indigenous people within the framework of Sheridan.

Indigenous Education Council

The Indigenous Education Council (IEC) has the collective responsibility to advise the college on challenges and barriers related to the success of Indigenous learners. Founded in 2017, the IEC was created to provide strategic direction for the college in improving the success, attainment, and retention of Indigenous learners at Sheridan.

View the Terms of Reference here


Indigenous Education Council Membership List

Bertha Skye, Elder in Residence
Janet Morrison, Co-Chair, Provost and Vice President, Academic
Stephen Paquette, Community Member
David Moses, Community Member
Sherry Saevil, Community Member
Cherie Werhun, Institutional Member
Catherine Hale, Institutional Member
Theresa Fraser, Institutional Member
Tracey German, Institutional Member
Enrique Ponce, Student Representative
Catherine Beaver, Student Representative
Elijah Williams, Resource Member
Paula Laing, Resource Member

Meeting notes from September 15, 2017