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Alumni Profiles

Stephanie Kam

Stephanie Kam

Pilon School of Business
Year of Graduation: 2012
Program: International Business

We are the world
International Business grad Stephanie Kam negotiates projects around the globe

Stephanie Kam has travelled to 42 countries, worked on projects from providing legal advice to the largest ever railway project in the Philippines to HIV policy work in Zambia, and in her spare time, is currently training for her first triathlon. “My job is definitely challenging — it keeps you on your toes because there’s so much learning involved,” she says. “When dealing with projects in different industries, you can’t be an expert in every practice, so you need to have a natural curiosity for learning.”

As Senior Consultant and Legal Counsel at CPCS Transcom Limited (CPCS), Kam uses the skills she acquired during Sheridan’s Post-Graduate Certificate in International Business. Coming to Sheridan with a law degree from York University and an Honours Bachelor of Science from the University of Toronto, Kam found a classroom full of similarly-minded people. “There were many people like me who were in a second career and wanted to pursue something of interest,” she says. “We had someone from Venezuela, Indonesia, the Middle East and around the world, which was a very positive thing about the program — people had practical experience doing business in these countries.”

Kam was drawn to the International Business program by her love of exploring the globe and making connections with the personalities that she met. “I loved interacting with interesting people,” she says. “I wanted to merge that into my career somehow that way.”

This recognition of the value of networking drove Kam to forge her own path. “Being a student, you have a lot of opportunities to participate in your interest outside of your studies, and if there’s no club that suits your interests, you can create your own,” Kam says. During her time at Sheridan, she founded the Women in Business club at the Hazel McCallion Campus in 2012, which went on to run after she graduated.

Kam also credits Professor, Jennifer Chapman with inviting their class to an Organization of Women in International Trade event, where Kam met people who would end up being her colleagues at Export Development Canada (EDC). “Everyone has to get out there and network. You never know who you’re going to meet,” says Kam, who was an associate in project finance, legal services and commercial markets at EDC.

Today, Kam fulfils her travel dreams on a daily basis. The list of countries that she has worked in reads like an A-Z of diverse locales, from Australia to India, Malawi to Zambia. Whether negotiating project documents at all levels at a hydro power project in Uganda or reviewing regulations and financing for a wind farm in the Netherlands, Kam enjoys the tangible aspects of the financial work that she does worldwide. “The end result of our projects is providing power to a certain element of society, or enabling transportation so that people can get to work,” she says. “There’s a very practical element to what I do.”

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