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Faculty Profiles

Alexander Hollenberg

Alexander Hollenberg


Alexander Hollenberg is a Professor of Storytelling and Narrativity in the School of Humanities and Creativity. He earned his PhD in English Literature from the University of Toronto, where he held a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, and his BA (First Class Honours) from Dalhousie University. His teaching and research interests are diverse but include American modernist fiction, hermeneutic ethics, and narrative medicine. He is currently working on two full-length book projects: American Modernist Simplicity and Doctored Discourse: Modernism and Narrative Medicine

“Recalcitrant Simplicity: Thin Characters and Thick Narration in A Farewell to ArmsNarrative 20.3 (2012): 301-321. 
“The Spacious Foreground: Interpreting Simplicity and Ecocritical Ethics in The Old Man and The Sea.” The Hemingway Review 31.2 (2012): 27-45.
“Speaking With the Separatists: Craig Womack and the Relevance of Literary History.” Studies in American Indian Literatures 21.1 (2009): 1-17.
“The Violence of Story: Teaching In Our Time and Narrative Rhetoric.” Teaching War, Teaching Hemingway. Kent State UP. Forthcoming, 2014.
“Smooth Structures: Materiality, Indigenous Exchange, and Narrative Form in Willa Cather’s Death Comes for the Archbishop.” Style. Forthcoming, 2013.