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Fast Events

May 15
Cyber Security Symposium 2017

Time 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location HMC - B wing - Room B290

Cyber security continues to be a leading concern in both our professional and personal lives. With ongoing and increasingly cunning cyber threats, vulnerability, and risk, cyber security is a major issue in the 21st century. As experts in cyber security, Sheridan's Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security) professors work with leading edge technologies and industry knowledge to prepare students for a rapidly evolving cyber landscape. This symposium will provide the avenue to share that knowledge with the community.

Hosted by Sheridan College | Faculty of Applied Science and Technology, in collaboration with Sheridan Applied Research and Innovation, this full-day symposium will explore cyber security within public health & safety, community and education, and business.

Taking place at Sheridan's new Mississauga campus - Hazel McCallion Campus B wing - symposium presenters from Scalar Decisions, Paladion, eSentire, Peel Police, Ekana Security Inc and Hackernest, in addition to Sheridan's own Information Systems Security experts Nick Johnston, Ben Yankson and Stephane Lemieux, will be delivering topical sessions around cyber security in business and in the community.

Please visit to find out more, or register today.