Home to Canada's largest arts school, Sheridan College has been teaching animation since 1971, and today offers a four-year bachelor's degree in animation, as well as three post-graduate programs in computer animation, visual effects and character animation. Our graduates include Oscar nominees and winners who have helped fuel the surge in popularity of animated films by studios including Pixar, DreamWorks and Disney. At home, Sheridan graduates can be found at studios including Guru, Corus, Cuppa Coffee, and Arc, among others. Most recently, Animation Career Review named Sheridan as No. 1 among the top 100 animation schools in the world. Sheridan also offers an innovative Bachelor of Game Design and a cluster of high-demand graduate certificate programs in the gaming discipline.

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'Indigenous cybernoir': Video game designers crafting futuristic detective story

Animation student Tara Miller and Game Design grad Meagan Byrne discuss Purity & Decay, a futuristic adventure detective game being developed by a predominantly Indigenous team based out of Hamilton.

Arts alumni win prizes for films celebrating Indigenous heritage

Sheridan alumni took home top prizes at the Ottawa International Animation Festival last week. Christopher Auchter (Computer Animation ’05) won for Best Animated Film or Series for Young Audiences, while Amanda Strong (Bachelor of Illustration ’09) took home the Canadian Film Institute Award for Best Canadian Animation.

Animation and Game Design Students Continue Their Winning Ways

Students in Sheridan’s Bachelor of Animation and Bachelor of Game Design programs took top honours last week at two major student competitions.

Students & Grads at the 2017 Ottawa International Animation Festival

Congratulations to the three Sheridan groups who will be screening their work at the 2017 Ottawa International Animation Festival!

Animating Indigenous Stories

How a chance encounter at Sheridan led to the reimagining of Thomas King’s A Short History of Indians in Canada through the medium of animation.

Game Design Students showcase their creations at the Different Games Conference

This past month, three student groups from the program redirected their attention from the highly competitive dimension of game development to participate in the Different Games conference and focus on a side of the game design spectrum that is often left off the industry’s main stage.

"Gaming is Part of the Human Culture"

Sheridan faculty share insights on the growing world of gaming as the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program celebrates its first graduates.

Sheridan Students Sweep Level Up Showcase in Toronto

Fourth year students from Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Game Design were the big winners at the seventh annual Level Up Student Showcase held at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The students won 10 of the 12 awards available in the four categories of Best Overall Game, Technical Innovation, Artistic Achievement and People’s Choice Award, where a first, second and third prize are up for grabs in each category.

Sheridan Graduate takes home Oscar for Piper

Sheridan alumnus Alan Barillaro has won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. The 1996 animation graduate directed the short film Piper. Animation alumni were also part of the team that worked on Zootopia, the winner of this year’s Best Animated Feature.


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Associate Dean
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Office Manager/Academic Portfolio Administrator
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Our Faculty

Angela Stukator

Angela Stukator

Associate Dean, Animation and Game Design

Angela is the Associate Dean of the Department of Animation and Game Design which includes programs such as Bachelor of Animation, Bachelor of Game Design, Computer Animation, Character Animation, Visual Effects, Music Composition for Stage & Visual Media (MASSIVE) and Game Level Design. With over twenty years of experience in animation, film and digital media education at the post-secondary level, Angela is a champion of the excellence in arts education. She studied in three countries, achieving a BA from Brock University, a MA from State University of New York at Buffalo, and a PhD from the University of Bristol. She has been at Sheridan College since August 2003. She is committed to fostering partnerships between the Faculty, the industry, cultural institutions, and domestic and international colleges and universities.

Tony  Tarantini

Professor, Bachelor of Animation

Tony Tarantini is a veteran of the animation industry with more than 20 years of creative and management experience. He has contributed to features and animated TV series such as Redwall, Ewoks, Beetlejuice, American Tail, Dog City, Tales From The Cryptkeeper, Neverending Story, Pippi  Longstocking, Care Bears, Little Bear, Babar, George shrinks, The Magic School Bus, and Franklin. Tony holds an MA from York University (Toronto, CA) where he researched the effects of digital technology on the Greater Toronto Area Animation Community. He is fluent in Italian and studied painting, drawing, and art history for two years in Florence Italy, a place he frequents regularly and teaches often. Tarantini is an active member of the Society for Animation Studies, the Lead of the Society’s Industry Committee and the Chair of the 26th Society for Animation Studies Conference. In addition, he is the Animation Industry Day Coordinator for the Sheridan College exciting year end event where animation graduates from both the BA Program and three other certificate programs showcase their talents to an International Animation Industry.
Mark Mayerson

Mark Mayerson

Coordinator, Bachelor of Animation

Mark Mayerson worked in the television animation industry for 29 years, doing commercials, specials and series. He spent nine years in drawn animation working as an animator before shifting to computer animation, where in addition to animating, he did modeling, rigging and some technical direction. Projects Mark has worked on include Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, The Red Shoes, A Jazztime Tale, Ira Sleeps Over, The Care Bears vs. the Freezing Machine, Drawing Power, and Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (the first TV series to include computer generated characters). Mark created the cgi series Monster By Mistake, on which he also directed, wrote and produced. He also wrote for Franklin the Turtle and Jacob Two-Two, both Nelvana series.

Michel Hannan

Professor, Bachelor of Animation

Michel Hannan worked as an animator, illustrator and designer for the children's interactive software division of Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. including working on storyboarding, backgrounds, character design, animation and inking and composting, as well as working as Interactive Artist, Web 7 Children’s Interactive Developer, Animator, Illustrator, Designer and Textile mapping artist for Vivendi Universal Games, Inc.. Her other work includes time as a Project Producer for Fisher price for After the Beanstalk, Warner Brothers' Quest for Camelot and Animaniacs game pack, Western Town, Castles, Big Action Garage and the Davidson title, Kid Phonics. Before joining Sheridan, Michelle was a visiting Full Time Professor of Animation at Loyola Marymount University.

Jeffrey Pidsadny

Coordinator, Game Level Design

Jeff Pidsadny is a Professor and Program Coordinator in the Game Level Design program. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo’s School of Architecture, receiving his Bachelor of Environmental Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture. While practicing architecture in Vancouver Jeff changed professions and began working in the video game industry with Radical Entertainment. In 2004 he received “the offer he couldn’t refuse” from Rockstar Games San Diego, shipping several titles before returning to Ontario where he has been teaching at Sheridan since 2012. In 2016, he earned his M.A in Interactive Design and Game Development from Savannah College of Art and Design. Jeff's extensive portfolio includes games such as Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption, The Simpsons Hit & Run, and The Simpsons Road Rage.
Stephen Barden

Stephen Barden

Coordinator, Music Applied to Stage, Screen and Interactive Visual Environments (MASSIVE)

Stephen Barden studied film at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, Canada and he returned there in the early 2000’s as a part-time faculty member teaching sound and sound design. He has remained active at Sheridan since then and accepted a full-time faculty position there in 2011. Barden holds a masters degree in Creative and Media Education from Bournemouth University in England and is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada, the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and the Motion Picture Sound Editors guild. As a first-call sound supervisor in Canada and the United States, Barden has worked on such films as Cube, Requiem For A Dream, The Aristocrats, The Fountain, the Resident Evil franchise and the forthcoming Make Your Move and Pompeii. He has also contributed to television series including Due South, Departures and Descending. He is a multiple Genie, Gemini and M.P.S.E. Golden Reel award winner and nominee. In 2013, he was nominated for two awards in the sound categories of the inaugural Canadian Screen Awards.