Our Institutional Plans

Sheridan’s institutional plans further our vision, mission and goals by creating an integrated framework for organizational priority-setting, policy formulation, business planning, college-wide budgeting and data-driven decision making.

Our Strategic Plan

Sheridan 2024 wordmark

Drawing on input from 3,000 voices over seven months, Sheridan has developed a new, five-year strategic plan: Sheridan 2024 – Galvanizing Education for a Complex World.

The plan captures what most people value about Sheridan and what students will need to thrive in an ever-changing world. It articulates a new vision and mission for Sheridan – one that cares less about what we’re called, and more about what we can help people achieve.

Our Academic Plan

Sheridan’s Academic Plan 2019–24 outlines Sheridan’s academic priorities, and contains three core pillars: quality, character and accountability.

Our People

Sheridan’s most valuable resource is its people. The People Plan lists Sheridan’s priorities for supporting its employees and providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

Operational Sustainability

Sheridan’s Operational Sustainability initiatives are about having the proper infrastructure, systems and processes in place to make informed decisions about our priorities based on reliable data.

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