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Chris Ali

Sheridan grad Chris Ali

Degree: Social Service Worker

Year of graduation: 2007

Understanding Your Potential

As a Records and Registration Specialist at Sheridan, Chris Ali helps students deal with issues faced by many people pursuing a post-secondary education: course selection, accommodation, finances and part-time jobs. But “the most overwhelming concern that I see students struggle with is the monumental task of selecting a future career,” he says. In response, Chris reminds future alumni that “no decision is permanent, and every choice will yield life lessons. It is how you choose to integrate this learning that will ultimately determine your success.”

For his part, Chris credits his time as a student leader as crucial to his professional growth. “Without my roles in student government I would never have understood my own potential”, says the 2007 graduate of Sheridan’s Social Service Worker program.

“I developed the confidence to take on new challenges, and realized that failure was only a stumbling block on the way to success,” says Chris, who held student government positions throughout his time at Sheridan.

As President of the Sheridan Student Union (SSU) from 2007-2008, Chris made his mark on several fronts. He spearheaded several charity events, and helped
Sheridan secure a $4.6 million grant during 2008 to improve facilities and safety around its campuses. His time at Sheridan remains memorable for another reason: Chris met his future wife while at the college.

After graduating, Chris remained with Sheridan’s Davis campus as an International Student Officer and Activity Specialist. While working with international students, Chris also honed his skills as a management consultant with the Diamond Management Institute. During this time, he helped to develop and implement a Leadership Success program for the Ontario College Student Alliance.

In his current role since 2012, Chris draws on his strengths in leadership development and student engagement to provide guidance and support to students throughout their academic careers.

Eager to offer his experience beyond his official capacity at Sheridan, Chris, along with other fellow graduates, is now working with the SSU to establish an alumni chapter.

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