Admission to Postsecondary Programs

Applicants may be admitted to Sheridan as full-time students if they have an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (Grade 12) with senior-level credits achieved at C, U, M or O designation, or equivalent, including one English, Grade 12 (ENG4C or ENG4U) and additional required courses. 

Under the former Ontario secondary school curriculum, this diploma must be at the general or advanced level. Sheridan will continue to admit students with transcripts under the former Ontario secondary school curriculum and rank their academic marks accordingly. Applicants whose transcripts reflect credits under the new Ontario secondary school curriculum will be assessed and ranked together. Grade differentials are not used. Senior-level credits refer to credits earned at Grade 11 and 12 and OAC (when available).

Ontario high school Grade 12 marks (including first semester mid-term marks) are used in the admissions decision process. Grade 11 final marks will be used in the admissions process if a student is enrolled in all required courses in the second semester of Grade 12. Many offers of admission are conditional pending the completion of all required courses by August 1.

Certain applicants may be eligible to apply as mature students. Admission requirements to Applied Degree programs include U, M or OAC secondary school courses. All applicants must meet specific program requirements as outlined on the program pages.