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Deesha Thakkar

Deesha Thakkar


Faculty of Applied Science & Technology


Deesha Thakkar holds a Master's degree in Mathematics from India. She obtained Bachelor’s degree in Education from India in 2008. She received her Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT) designation from Ontario province of Canada in 2012. 

Deesha has been working with Peel District School Board (PDSB) since 2011. She has assumed many roles there including teaching Mathematics credit courses to High School students during summer as well as teaching Sanskrit with the International Language program for Elementary schools (on Saturdays). Deesha also teaches Sanskrit on weekends in both Halton and Toronto District School Boards since 2016. 

Deesha joined Sheridan in 2017 and is currently a Part-Time Mathematics Professor in the Faculty of Applied Science and Technology.

She volunteers for Samskrita Bharati - a non-profit promoting Sanskrit as spoken language. Deesha's other interests include Ayurveda (knowledge of health, well-being & longevity) and Vedic Mathematics (ancient Indian system of mathematics).

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