Employment Information


A full range of benefits is provided for Sheridan employees. This includes, but is not limited to, group benefits, pensions, and an employee assistance program.

Who is eligible for benefits?

All benefits are provided to full-time employees. Group benefits are also available to Active Partial Load academic employees. Non full-time employees must meet eligibility criteria in order to participate in the pension plan.

Who determines who is eligible for what benefits?

Eligibility for support staff and faculty is determined by collective bargaining. The College Compensation and Appointments Council determines eligibility for administrative staff.


Sheridan recognizes the needs and desires of employees to pursue excellence through professional development. The college encourages career and personal growth and recognizes that achievement, dedication, and innovation should be rewarded.

The guiding principles for professional development include individual responsibility, responsible risk taking, participative decision-making, team development, and positive employee relationships. To that end, Human Resources offers Sheridan employees various professional development opportunities throughout the year that promote career development and success in the workplace.
Other Employee Benefits:

For more information, call 905-845-9430, ext. 2220.


Staff in this area are responsible for:
1. Providing proactive and current operational and strategic advice in the areas of employee/labour relations, recruitment, selection and retention, support staff job evaluation, and performance management.
2. Advising on the administration and interpretation of the Collective Agreements (Support and Academic), Terms and Conditions of Employment for Administrative Staff, and all relevant employment legislation.
3. Participating in committee work such as the Support Staff Job Evaluation Committee, Workload Monitoring, Employment Stability, and Union College Committee.

In accordance with the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act, the College Employer Council has the exclusive responsibility for all collective negotiations on behalf of Colleges in Ontario.

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