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New Employees

Mary Preece, Sheridan's President and Vice Chancellor

Welcome to Sheridan!

On behalf of the Sheridan community, I want to welcome you to Sheridan College, where we strive to provide students with a premier, purposeful educational experience that lays the foundation for their future success. I believe that you have joined the very best college in Ontario. We are proud of the reputation we have built in Canada and internationally.

At Sheridan we put our students first, and whether you represent faculty, support staff or administration, we hope that you will always see your new role in relation to its impact on our students.

We want you to feel at home as quickly as possible and this orientation guidebook has been designed to provide some of the answers you will need during your first few weeks. However, your best source of orientation help will be your department, colleagues and the people of Sheridan in general who have a reputation for being friendly and helpful. Just ask any of us!

I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and welcome you in person.


Mary Preece, Ph.D.
President and Vice Chancellor

Getting Started

  1. Complete this checklist of things you need to submit to HR
  2. Complete and submit the following forms: 
  3. Review our campus maps and locations and information about parking and transportation
  4. Read required policies, procedures and guidelines (see below)
  5. Review your Collective Agreement: Support Staff Collective Agreement or Academic Collective Agreement
  6. Review the Terms and Conditions for Administrative Staff
  7. Familiarize yourself with the Health Benefits: Support Staff, Faculty, or Administrative Staff
  8. Review the CAAT Pension Plan
  9. Plan to attend New Employee Orientation (typically held every August and December/January)
  10. Learn more about Employment Standards in Ontario 

Required policies, procedures and guidelines

If you don't have your Sheridan login information, click on “Visit our public site” to access the policies page online.

*Mac users please note: you must use Firefox, Opera or Netscape to access the documents on the Policies and Procedures website.