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ECE & HEBCL Collaboration with Jeremy and Jazzy (Children's Educational and Animated Series) Production

Anisha Jamal-Cadena and Cameile Henry, Educational and Diversity Consultants, Jeremy and Jazzy Productions and professors in the Faculty of Applied Health and Community Studies (FAHCS)

Early Childhood Education students developed innovative ideas of how the educational series Jeremy and Jazzy can promote inclusive practices that include diversity, anti-oppression and restorative justice into programming/media representation.

From Caregiver to Care Partner: A view from the other side

Kathryn Warren-Norton, Centre for Elder Research (CER)

CER partnered with Tyze Networks Inc., a company that provides a web-based application that enables caregivers to create an online support team to manage the care for an older adult or an individual living with a disability. This project was designed to help Tyze broaden their understanding of how supportive health care and social support organizations perceive and manage their interactions with family and other informal caregivers.

Alternative Credentials – What Do Employers Want?

Dr. Shady Hana, Pilon School of Business (PSB)

Exploring Alternative Credentials in the Canadian Context: Responding to the 21st Century Workforce Competencies Gap.

Research Behind S-Sense

Alicia Sullivan, Student Affairs & Enrolment Management

Sheridan S-Sense is the palette of capabilities that fosters students’ resilience and agility so that they can welcome challenge, complexity, and uncertainty with awareness, openness, curiosity, and confidence. Grounded in science and informed by the perspectives of Sheridan community members, S-Sense inspires our students to see and experience the world’s endless opportunities and possibilities.

EDGE: Where Impact and Entrepreneurship Thrive

Besma Soltan, PhD Student, Academic Innovation Lead, EDGE

EDGE is a vibrant community of people who believe entrepreneurship can make lasting change in society. We support changemakers as they explore entrepreneurial approaches to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.

Research Data Management: An Overview for Sheridan Researchers

Dr. Vicki Mowat, Sheridan Research
Susan Shepley and Nicole Zhang, Library and Learning Services (LLS)

Foundational information regarding Research Data Management, including what it means, why it is important, who it's for and some tips for researchers in what to consider from start to finish to safely and securely manage their research data.

Maintaining Inclusivity through Active Teaching During a Pandemic

Michelle Pereira and Cheryl MacDonald, Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS)

Reflecting on the past two years of the emergency onlining of our communications courses, two colleagues share the epiphanies they experienced in terms of how to be inclusive and ethical during these unprecedented times.

Virtual Production Innovation Hub

Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT)

This video provides a quick overview of how SIRT set up the Virtual Production (VP) Hub at stage 10 in Pinewood Toronto Studios with a focus on Motion Capture. It walks through the key technologies used for Virtual Production using Unreal Engine.

ALVI the SMART HVAC Filter and Eat. Sleep. Ride.

Ethan Shen and Ramzy Ganady, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT)

An overview of two projects: ongoing joint research between CAMDT and CleanAir AI and a session about a project with industry partner Eat Sleep Ride.

Influence of Personalization on the Engagement of Learners in Online Learning Environments

Rosana Fialho, Pilon School of Business (PSB)

After teaching a hybrid class with low online engagement, I set out to uncover whether increased personalization of online content in SLATE results in increased online engagement and better evaluation scores. Spoiler Alert: It did.

Faculty180 for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Cheryle Moreau, Sheridan Research

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