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Craft and Design

Integrate design thinking and hands-on experience in one of Sheridan's Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design degree programs, where you'll turn ideas into products, knowledge into substance, and your passion into a career.

You'll start the degree in your concentration of choice, with grounding in all studios. As you gain a greater understanding of your interests, you'll have the option to take electives in the other studios to create a personalized, interdisciplinary program.

Begin by choosing a concentration in one of the five studio areas:

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Ceramics Studio

This program teaches you to develop new skills and ideas in pottery, sculpture and design. Working in one of Canada's leading Ceramics Studios, you'll explore a wide variety of ceramics, techniques and innovative approaches to working with clay.

furniture created by Sheridan students

Furniture Studio

Bring design and making together to create beautiful and functional furniture pieces. You'll have the opportunity to work with real-world clients and non-profit organizations, giving you professional experience while you study.

glass blowing

Glass Studio

This program takes an innovative approach to design, craft and autonomous art by fusing critical thinking with hands-on experience. Learning from expert faculty in our state-of-the-art facilities, you'll become immersed in all aspects of working with glass.

planning a project

Industrial Design Studio

Learn to create intelligent, innovative and meaningful design. Using the latest technology, you'll go through the entire design process from beginning to end — from study model to finished product.

making textiles

Textiles Studio

In this program, you'll explore a wide range of traditional and contemporary textiles techniques and methods. Working in our state-of-the-art facilities, you'll go from idea to creation in a creative and supportive learning environment.

Or, consider our new Multidisciplinary Craft & Design program

Do you want to identify the area of Craft and Design that you love the most? Or are you eager to master several disciplines? Our new Honours Bachelor of Craft and Design (Multidisciplinary) program might be right for you.

Students working with textiles.


In this program, you’ll take courses in each of the five streams of our Craft and Design degree: Glass, Ceramics, Textiles, Furniture and Industrial Design. You’ll understand how to combine multiple materials and processes into one project, helping you develop your own unique artistic voice.

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