Farzad Rayegani with Oliver Tiura

Artist Turns to Sheridan’s ‘Technology Playground’ to Complete Legacy Pieces

Jul 6, 2016

Canadian artist Oliver Tiura entered new territory in his sculptural pursuits through a collaboration with Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT) at its Davis Campus in Brampton. Tiura turned to Sheridan’s ‘technology playground’ for its state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise of its technicians to create his bronze legacy pieces that will be on exhibit in Toronto this month.

“I wanted to ensure my pieces reflect the two main principles of additive manufacturing: reliability and archival, large-print size,” said Tiura. With the knowledge that artists in Europe have been experimenting with large-scale 3D printing, he researched his local options, only to realize that many were cost-prohibitive and focused in industries like automotive and aerospace, which are unavailable for consumer use.

After exploring university and research facilities and finding only smaller units that printed certain metals, Tiura came across Sheridan’s CAMDT, home to a Fortus 900, capable of printing with bronze and in his desired size. CAMDT’s Director Dr. Farzad Rayegani met with Tiura to discuss the collaboration. “We are always open to exploring partnership opportunities for CAMDT and innovative uses for our 3D printers,” says Rayegani. “This was an opportunity for a new kind of partnership with the artistic community.”

Oliver Tiura in front of the Fortus 900 printer at Sheridan

Above: Artist Oliver Tiura in front of the Fortus 900 Printer used to create his sculptures at Sheridan's CAMDT. 

During the months-long process that ensued, Attila Nagy, CAMDT’s Technical Advisor on the project and Hargurdeep Singh, a Sheridan Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design and Drafting recent graduate assisted Tiura with materials selection, file enlargement, structural support design and the finishing process. It was a learning exercise in innovation and experimentation for all parties involved. With the support of Rayegani and the Sheridan CAMDT team, Tiura was able to realize his dream and deliver magnificent results.

Tiura’s ground-breaking sculptures will be on display in his exhibition “Eternal Bronze Meets 3D Printing” at the Canadian Sculpture Centre 500 Church St., Toronto from July 14 to August 5, 2016.

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Oliver Tiura exhibition poster

About Sheridan’s Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT):

CAMDT is a 40,000 square feet 'technology playground' for students, manufacturers and industry partners to explore highly specialized manufacturing and design equipment. CAMDT is a learning environment for students and a testing platform for local manufacturing and industry; a facility where students, industry partners and faculty experts come together to learn, apply, collaborate and innovate.

Pictured top right: Sheridan Associate Dean Dr. Farzad Rayegani (left) with artist Oliver Tiura

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