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Cimetrix Solutions Industry Grant Contribution to Expand Health FabLab in CAMDT

Dec 10, 2015

Sheridan College is pleased to announce the expansion of its 3D printing capabilities within the Centre of Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT) with the launch of its Health FabLab.  Sheridan’s industry partner, Cimetrix Solutions, is providing an Industry Grant in support of the FabLab’s launch.  The Cimetrix Industry Grant will provide the Health FabLab with the newest in professional-grade 3D printing technology - the Objet30 Prime.

Based on Stratasys’ Polyjet technology, the Objet30 Prime offers a broad range of material properties from rigid to flexible and opaque to transparent. The Objet30 Prime will reside alongside the array of other Additive Manufacturing technologies within CAMDT.

Over the past 4 years, Cimetrix has worked closely with CAMDT as the Centre’s trusted industry partner supporting the adoption of 3D printing technologies and initiatives.  This latest contribution will further support CAMDT in connecting Sheridan with local SMEs, and students with a specific focus on medical applications. The addition of the Objet30 Prime provides the Health FabLab with the ability to print true-to-life medical prototypes and produce highly accurate surgical guides and in a variety of materials, including bio-compatible materials.

“Sheridan is grateful for Cimetrix’s vision and ongoing support, which is providing a competitive edge to our students who have the opportunity to work with the latest in additive manufacturing technologies,” said Dr. Farzad Rayegani, Director of CAMDT and Associate Dean of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Technology. 

“As Canada’s leading provider of Additive Manufacturing technology, Cimetrix recognizes the importance of CAMDT to SME’s and students alike,” said James Janeteas, President of Cimetrix Solutions. “By providing the latest in 3D printing technology coupled with ongoing applications support, Cimetrix enables the collaboration between industry and students, the creation of innovative solutions, and the ability to thoroughly test concepts  while customizing solutions like never before.”

About Sheridan:

As one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions, Sheridan is home to over 20,000 full time students, who study in over 120 diploma, certificate, and bachelor degree programs at four campuses in the western GTA.  The Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Design Technologies (CAMDT), located at the Brampton campus, is a 40,000 sq. ft. facility housing highly specialized manufacturing and design equipment.  CAMDT allows Sheridan and its industry partners to collaborate on addressing challenges in the manufacturing sector, while developing graduates with the skills and practical knowledge to make an immediate and positive impact in the workplace.

About Cimetrix:

For more than 22 years, Cimetrix has helped academic institutions and companies across Canada, with comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions.  As a trusted partner, Cimetrix brings unmatched industry expertise and applications experience.  We help our customers redefine how things are made, with solutions that empower freedom of design and manufacturing flexibility.

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