Stream running through Sheridan's Trafalgar Campus

Livestreaming contest now accepting submissions

Dec 19, 2014

Sheridan's Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design, in collaboration with Sheridan's Creative Campus Council, is seeking proposals from students that aim to enhance outdoor spaces on campus. In reference to the streams that flow through the Trafalgar Campus, this initiative has been titled, “Livestreaming.” 

Students are invited to work individually or in teams and to collaborate across programs or faculties in order to develop installation concepts for this project. This design challenge is open to all Sheridan students and can take any form: installation, sculpture, video, sound, performance or even gardening. All students are welcome to contribute to the initiative, and the idea is to create some form of art that interacts with the stream and highlights its living presence within the Sheridan environment.

The deadline to submit a proposal is March 31, 2015. A jury will then review the proposals and mockups and award $1500 to a project to be built and installed over the spring and summer months. The intent is to run this project annually and to eventually build a network of installation projects that will help focus attention on the stream and all the natural assets of the beautiful Trafalgar Campus.

The Livestreaming project is meant to draw attention to Sheridan’s streams and to ensure their continued health. There are two streams on the Trafalgar Campus: one on the western border of the campus and a linked, secondary stream that flows through the campus itself and eventually into Sixteen Mile Creek, which in turn flows into Lake Ontario. Recently, the stream on the west side of the campus was devastated when hundreds of ash trees infested with Green Ash Borer had to be cut down. The restoration of this habitat will take many years. When development for this campus was laid out in the early 1970s, the planners kept the stream that flows through the site and made it an integral focal point of the radial layout of all the buildings. The stream continues to flow between the various wings of the campus, reminding everyone of our connection to nature and our link to seasonal cycles. 

The phrase “livestreaming” refers to video images that are conveyed directly to the viewer through a live feed that displays real-time images at a particular location. For this project it also signifies that the water stream is a living entity, nourishing the plants, birds, insects mammals and trees living in it or near it. In the same way that the stream connects to a larger stream and lake, Sheridan is connected to a larger community beyond its defined boundaries. The idea of the stream as a living entity and its connection to a wider world are at the core of this project.

For more information about this initiative or to submit a proposal, please contact Lucas Casaletto, Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design:

GIF of the stream running through Sheridan's Trafalgar Campus 

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