Jon Sasaki's A Clock Set 24 Hours into the Future installation at the Trafalgar Campus

New Installation Unveiled as part of Sheridan's Temporary Contemporary Initiative

Nov 18, 2014

Sheridan’s Trafalgar Campus in Oakville is home to new public art with the selection of Jon Sasaki’s work for the Temporary Contemporary installation.

In its third year, the Temporary Contemporary initiative is an opportunity to showcase the talents of high-profile practitioners in the artistic community external to Sheridan that will animate public spaces on campus with engaging and creative work. “Sheridan’s students, faculty, and staff are able to connect with the broader art community and the artist’s work inspires unique opportunities for curriculum integration,” said Ronni Rosenberg, Dean of Sheridan’s Faculty of Animation, Art and Design.

A call for proposals went out earlier this year and artists’ submissions were juried by a group made up of Sheridan staff and community members. They unanimously selected Sasaki’s design. Sasaki is an emerging Canadian artist who has been featured at numerous solo exhibitions including shows at the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, the Dunlop Art Gallery, the Prairie Art Gallery, the MacLaren Art Centre and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

The installation, a digital clock mounted above the main entrance of the Trafalgar campus, is a practical fixture with a thought-provoking twist. “Unlike most campus clocks, this one will be set 24 hours fast, always displaying tomorrow’s time,” describes Sasaki. “Of course, tomorrow’s time is indistinguishable from today’s time and therein lies a small bit of levity that I hope will open up a range of interpretations.” The installation will be on display for one year and the honour comes with a cash prize. 

For the past year the work of Roula Partheniou entitled “Dopplekopf 2013” was featured in the Learning Commons at Sheridan. Her piece included mirrored objects in colour and shades of grey. Canadian Art Magazine featured her work and highlighted her installation at Sheridan. Sasaki’s piece, fittingly titled, “A Clock set to 24 Hours into the Future,” will be officially unveiled on November 25.

Artist Jon Sasaki installing his art piece at the Trafalgar Campus

Above: Artist Jon Sasaki (left) helping with the installation of the digital clock at the Trafalgar Campus.

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