David Suzuki event

A Discussion on Sustainable Food Systems with David Suzuki Being Live Streamed to Sheridan’s Campuses

Oct 1, 2014

On October 6 from noon to 1:30 p.m., environmental activist David Suzuki along with J.B. MacKinnon, co-author of 100-Mile Diet, and food justice expert Utcha Sawyers, will be participating in a virtual discussion titled Our Food Systems – Are you Hungry for Change? It will be live-streamed to post-secondary institutions across Canada including classrooms at Sheridan’s four campuses.

The discussion will explore issues surrounding modern food systems and the impact on health, land and food security. Suzuki, MacKinnon and Sawyers will be speaking about what changes are necessary to bring about change at the community, municipal and national level to local food systems.

The event is being hosted by Humber College, the National Film Board of Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation, in conjunction with Suzuki’s Blue Dot Tour. The Tour is targeted at high school seniors and post-secondary students and promotes best practices to sustain healthy communities for generations to come.

“Sheridan has committed to consistent, informed and responsible decision making around its sustainability practices,” said Herbert Sinnock, Sheridan’s Manager of Sustainable Energy Systems. "The institution is focused on preserving resources and the environment to allow future generations to enjoy a quality of life that is equal to or greater than our own."

Students are invited to view the virtual discussion at noon at Davis Campus in Room B231 (inside Student Services) and the Atrium, HMC in Room 402f (the President’s Boardroom), STC in Room C19 and Trafalgar Campus in Room E207G. The discussion will also be streamed on SheridanTV. “Opportunities such as this one around local food systems, allows members of our Sheridan community get directly involved in discussions that reshape our perceptions of our role and impact on ecosystems and economies,” said Sinnock.

Before attending the event, Sheridan students and staff can view a documentary-short film produced by the National Film Board of Canada called “Island Green” that will help frame the discussion about local food system. The film can be accessed on Shertube by clicking here.

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