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Sheridan Unveils New Visual Identity, Website and Outdoor Art Installation

Nov 15, 2013

Sheridan Unveils New Visual Identity, Website and Outdoor Art Installation

For Immediate Release:  November 15, 2013
Oakville, Ontario:

Sheridan College has embarked on a journey to become a university dedicated to undergraduate, professional education.  Its bold vision is informed by the belief that, in an economy and society driven by innovation and change, creativity is the leading skill that tomorrow’s graduates will need to adapt and thrive in a future that they will build and inform.

Today, the college unveiled a new visual identity that reflects this vision, as well the following words which capture Sheridan’s unique character:  curious, purposeful, smart, gutsy, inspired and real.  Our brand makeover is reflected in the new Sheridan website, which launched today: To learn more about the new brand, visit

Brand Elements:
All of Sheridan’s brand elements summarize the idea of creativity with purpose. Creativity with purpose is about bringing together imagination and intention...original thinking with tangible professional skills...and delivering outstanding undergraduate teaching and real-world research.  The new look visually represents what Sheridan is doing to challenge the fundamental concepts of what makes a great undergraduate education and what a leading undergraduate school can accomplish.

Sheridan Wordmark
The Sheridan wordmark is created from custom-drawn letterforms. The unique shape of the capital S is
a nod to Sheridan’s creative journey, starting with a classic and traditional look at the top and ending with a tear drop at the bottom. 

Sheridan S

Standing alone, the Sheridan ‘S’ anchors our new visual identity and represents the creative trails that our programs and people forge in society.  The iconic ‘S’ is also the face of our social media identity.   

Tagline: Get Creative
Sheridan’s tagline embodies our creative approach to education.  It also directly encourages our stakeholders to employ their own creativity in a beneficial, purposeful way.

Colour Palette
The new palette builds on the historic ‘double blue’ that has been ingrained in Sheridan’s culture and that so many of our graduates wear with pride.  The colours have been updated to a more sophisticated and vibrant version of the original ones. The new secondary orange colour provides a warm accent.

Public Launch Event
This evening, the Sheridan community is gathering at its Oakville Campus to celebrate the launch of the new visual identity with the unveiling of an outdoor sculpture created by Sheridan alumnus, Pierre Poussin.  A 2006 graduate of the Crafts and Design – Furniture program, Poussin has contributed to many large scale public art projects for a wide range of clients, including the City of Vancouver and the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics Games, the Peace Bridge Authority of Fort Erie and Buffalo New York, McMaster University, the Walt Disney Corporation, and Princeton University.

Poussin is just one example of the diverse and rich talent that has emerged from Sheridan over the years.  Other notable alumni include Mike Burnstein, Head Athletic Trainer for the Vancouver Canucks; Chilina Kennedy, star of Broadway, the Shaw Festival and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival; David Soren, Dreamworks writer/director; Scott Stratten, marketing guru; and Ron White, leading luxury shoe retailer.

About Sheridan
Sheridan is one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions, offering over 100 diploma, certificate, and bachelor degree programs in an environment that fosters innovation and creativity. Its aim is to become Ontario’s first university exclusively dedicated to undergraduate professional education – one that will be based on applied learning. The model also focuses on meeting university accreditation requirements so that Sheridan graduates have more pathways to the continued learning that will underscore their personal, career, and industry success.

For more information or to arrange interview opportunities, please contact:

Christine Szustaczek
Director of Corporate Communications & External Relations, Sheridan College
Tel: 905-815-4169

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