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Sheridan degrees earn high marks from graduates and employers

Apr 17, 2013

Latest KPI Survey results show impressive degree of success at Sheridan

For Immediate Release: April 17, 2013
Oakville, ON

Sheridan’s degree programs are enjoying a high rate of success, according to the latest KPI Survey results released today.  With a graduation rate of 80.6%, degree programs at Sheridan are out-performing every college degree, diploma and certificate program in the province.  And Sheridan graduates give high praise to their degree programs for preparing them for future success:  91% of graduates surveyed were satisfied with the knowledge and skills they had acquired for their future careers, while 87% were pleased with their learning experiences and overall program quality.

Our degree graduates are also finding success in the workplace, with an 80% graduate employment rate, and 100% employer satisfaction rate.  “Sheridan is committed to providing a high quality educational experience in all of our programs,” says Sheridan President, Dr. Jeff Zabudsky.  “Given the increasing demand for the degree credential from both students and employers, we will continue to expand the range of degrees that we offer, and build on the success we have already achieved.  Our degree programs not only give students the credentials they need to land their first job, but they also provide seamless pathways to future learning opportunities that they may wish to pursue over the course of their careers.”

Sheridan currently offers 12 degree programs, including two set to launch this September.  The Bachelor of Game Design is the first of its kind in Canada, and builds on Sheridan’s breadth of expertise and knowledge in animation and digital media.  The Bachelor of Interaction Design is another pioneering program that will balance courses in human centered design, image creation and manipulation, research methods and interactive narrative, with a firm grounding in design and systems thinking, psychology, business practices and project management.

About Sheridan

As one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions, Sheridan offers over 100 diploma, certificate, and bachelor degree programs. Its aim is to become Ontario’s first university exclusively dedicated to undergraduate professional education – a model that will be based on applied learning and Sheridan’s renown for creativity and innovation.  The model also focuses on meeting university accreditation requirements so that Sheridan graduates have more pathways to the continued learning that will underscore their personal, career, and industry success.

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