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PAL Program

The PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) program is a modified supplemental instruction support program for first year, historically difficult, or mandatory "gatekeeper" courses at Sheridan.

How it Works

The PAL Program consists of weekly, informal class study sessions facilitated by a PAL Leader. For participating courses, a PAL session schedule for your course will be provided by your PAL Leader at the beginning of the term, and include up to 3 hours of study time per week. During PAL sessions, your PAL Leader will review notes, discuss readings, develop study skills or help you and your classmates prepare for your tests and assignments. Sessions are interactive and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and check your understanding. Attendance for all sessions is voluntary.

PAL Leaders are current Sheridan students, recommended by faculty, who have previously completed the targeted course, demonstrated enthusiasm for the content, and finished with a strong grade (usually a B+ or higher). Your PAL leader will re-attend all class lectures and take notes right alongside you and your classmates.

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