Off-Campus Housing

Whether you are new to Sheridan, or returning for another semester, finding off-campus housing is an important step for many students. Sheridan has a variety of resources and links to off-campus housing providers to assist you in your search.

Living Off-Campus

Where to start

There are a number of factors to consider before deciding where to live. If it's your first time renting, we are here to help! There are many things to consider as you begin the process. Use the resources below to help.

Off-Campus Student Housing

Where to look

There are many resources available to help you look for housing, including, online classifieds, homestay and on-campus residence options.


Quarantine requirements & resources

During these unprecedented times, it is vital to ensure you are informed about how to travel and stay safe. There are many resources to help you find a place to stay and provide you with all the information required to properly quarantine as mandated by the Government of Canada.

Safety and Responsibilities

Your safety is important

When living off-campus, your safety is an important factor to consider and plan for. It’s important to be aware of your safety in all situations, including your home. You need to plan for your own safety and the security of your personal belongings by taking simple precautions.

Stay in Touch

Update your address

Sheridan may need to contact you regarding your timetable, grades, graduation, transcripts, or other urgent matters. It’s essential that we can access your up-to-date information to provide the best possible service.