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Helpful Resources

The online services listed below are not meant to replace a face-to-face consultation with a trained counsellor, nor do these services provide online counselling. The listing of these sites and resources does not imply Counselling Services or its staff endorses all of the information that is included. We encourage you to evaluate the materials and use what you find helpful. Counselling Services endeavours to keep these links up to date however if you find a link that is no longer active please let us know by email.

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  • Postsecondary Helpline - Good2Talk - Email, Chat, or Call
  • Mental Health Helpline- Email, Chat, or Call for Immediate Assistance    
  • Suicide
  • Motivational Videos
  • General Mental Health Resources
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief and Loss
  • Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions  
  • Online Gambling, Gaming, and Internet Addictions
  • Abuse or Assault Support and Shelters
  • Body-Image, Self-Esteem, and Eating Disorders
  • Financial or Housing Concerns
  • International and Cultural Support and Contacts
  • Bullying
  • LGBTTIQQ2SA Resources (LGBTQ)
  • Breaking Barriers on Mental Health Stigma
  • You've Just Gotten a Mental Health Diagnosis...Now What?
  • Mental Health Apps - Mental health on the go!  
  • Good2Talk - Postsecondary Helpline - 1-866-925-5454

    •     See the website here.

    Mental Health Helpline - Email, Chat, or Call for Immediate Assistance


    •     If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact someone immediately, or go to the nearest emergency room, or call 911: they are there to listen, and they want to help:
      •         Kids Help Phone for Young Adults, ages 18-24 – 1 800 668 6868
      •         Distress Centre Peel 905 278 7208
      •         Distress Centre Oakville 905 849 4541
    •     Steps to take to help you if you are considering taking your life, from
    •     If You Are Considering Suicide, Read This First
    •     Kevin Hines Video – Suicide survivor who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and lived, who shares his story of what he learned from his experience and what he would have missed out on in life if he had died
    •     The Trevor Project – Suicide Helpline for LGBTQ Youth – 1 866 488 7386
    •     Kids Help Phone - Free phone counselling or online counselling and chat with a certified and trained counsellor for youth in College and University - 1 800 668 6868

    Motivational Videos

    General Mental Health Resources

    •     Visit CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association) for information on general mental health and information on mental illnesses.
    •     Visit CAMH (Centre for Addictions and Mental Health) for information on various mental health diagnoses and to find support groups and resources for mood and anxiety, schizophrenia, addictions, and support for family and friends of those living with mental health diagnoses.
    •      Visit Workman Arts to learn about ways to get involved in training, showcasing, and funding opportunities in the arts for anyone with a mental health diagnosis.
    •     The ABC's of mental health from Hincks-Dellcrest is a resource for parents and teachers about mental health.
    •     Teen Mental is a resource for understanding many aspects of mental health, stigma, the brain, and various diagnoses and treatment options.


    •     Stress Busters - Try some stress busting activities here.
    •     Deep Breathing Exercises – Many can be found on YouTube, or you can come into counselling for some other ideas. Try this example.
    •     Progressive Muscular Relaxation – A process of systematically tightening and relaxing muscle groups in your body. Move from the toes to the head and back down again, while monitoring and regulating breathing. Try this example here.
    •     Imagery – Imagine places or times in your life that have been soothing and relaxing, and take time out to just imagine yourself in that place. Try this example here.
    •     "The Busy Trap" - Have a look at this article from the NY Times about how much of our stress can be self-imposed, and how to make changes in life to lower stress levels


    •     MoodGYM - Get started at home with this great do-it-yourself CBT resource that can walk you through this treatment option from your own computer.
    •     The Patrick Kelty Foundation – Resources on Suicide due to Depression, and Depression in Youth -
    •     The Compassionate Voice: Video – Self-Esteem and Worth with Sandra Reiche
    •     Self-Worth: Video – Working it Out Together with Sandra Reiche
    •     Depression: Video - Working it Out Together – with Sandra Reiche
    •     Remind yourself of the positives in your life by writing out a list of things that make you happy or that were good about your day. Try keeping a journal here
    •     Are you involved in the arts? Check out Workman Arts for funding, training, and showcasing options for anyone with a mental health diagnosis.
    •     See a visual comic depiction of one person's experience with depression to help know you aren't alone in how you are feeling.
    •     21 Tips for Keeping Yourself Together When You're Depressed (Warning: Language) - Visit this candid blog of ways to get through it when you're experiencing depression.
    •     Webtribes - Connect with others who experience depression in an online community.


    Grief and Loss

    •     Bereaved Families of Ontario - Provides opportunities for the bereaved to share their experiences; and to receive support, understanding, and compassion from others who are also bereaved offers peer support groups and other supportive programming and workshops.

    Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions

    •     For more information on alcohol use, including average calories consumed and money spent per year, see Check Your Drinking.
    •     For Information on how to quit smoking, see Leave the Pack Behind.

    •     Know The Score - For more information about almost any drug and its effects, visit a great site based out of Scotland, although the legal information won’t be applicable.
    •     ADAPT - Alcohol Drug & Gambling Assessment Prevention & Treatment Services offers assessment, treatment, referrals and other service.
    •     DART - Ontario Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment – offers a free and confidential drug and alcohol helpline, email, or online chat to get help or ask questions.
    •     Alcoholics Anonymous- For a list of AA meeting groups in Ontario.
    •     CAMH - Centre for Addictions and Mental Health provides services for addictions, including assessment, Aboriginal services, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, gambling and more.
    •     Webtribes - Connect with others who experience additions in an online community.

    Online Gambling, Gaming, and Internet Addictions

    •     On-Line Gamers Anonymous - For more information on gaming addictions and information on support groups.
    •     Online Gambling - For more information on gambling addictions, signs and symptoms, some common myths and facts, and information on how to help yourself or a family member or loved one.
    •     Also see above links for general addictions under Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictions

    Abuse or Assault Support and Shelters

    •     SAVIS – Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Services - 24hr Crisis line for support and information on what to do about abuse and assault, and also provides various other programs and support, call 905 875 1555
    •     Trafalgar Campus Resources
      • Halton Women’s Place provides shelter and crisis services for women and their dependent children who have been physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused
      • Halton Shelters provides a list of shelters in Halton region.
      • Halton Family Services offers a Women's Group Program and a Safety Zone program for women and their children to get connected and get support. It also offers various other programs and resources
    •     Davis and HMC Campus Resources
      • Women’s Interim Place Shelter provides free shelter for women who have experienced violence or abuse, with or without children, who can stay up to 4 months. Crisis Line: (905) 403-0864 / (905) 676-8515
      • Our Place Peel (Youth Shelter) provides shelter, support and hope for homeless and disadvantaged youth aged 16 - 21 in the Region of Peel
      • Sexual Assault & Rape Crisis of Peel - (905) 273-9442 24/7 hour crisis line
      • Family Services of Peel offers free e-counselling for the free program of Support Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. It also offers free consultation with a lawyer regarding family law, and free walk-counselling as late as 8pm in Brampton and Mississauga. 

    Body-Image, Self-Esteem and Eating Disorders

    •     Dove: Evolution video raising awareness about Photoshop and the beauty industry. 
    •     Male version of the Dove Evolution video.  
    •     NEDIC - The National Eating Disorder Information Centre has a wealth of information on body image facts. 
    •     Dove Onslaught – video about the media and the impact on women’s perception of themselves. 
    •     Dove - Girl’s Self Esteem – How self esteem is linked to body image.
    •     Dove - Sketches - See how women's personal interpretation of their beauty can be so far off of the reality of what others see. 
    •     Adobe by Fotoshop – An entertaining Youtube video about how the media influences our body image perception.
    •     Perfectionism: Video – Working it Out Together with Sandra Reiche. 
    •     Eating Disorders Online - Learn about news, resources, treatment, and find support.
    •     The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness - find confidence, real beauty, support, resources, and information.

    Financial or Housing Concerns

    •    Student Union Food Bank is free to use for students at Sheridan.  
    •    Financial Aid at Sheridan can provide limited one-time support through specific gift cards for students in dire need.
    •    Subsidised Housing  
    •    Places4Students lists housing options for Sheridan students:

    International and Cultural Supports and Contacts

    •     Sheridan International Centre is the first stop for support and information for international students.
    •     The Multicultural Council provides help in language, translation, settlement, connections in the community, and various other programs 
      •         Trafalgar area  - Multicultural Council
      •         Davis and HMC areas - Multicultural Council


    •     The Bully Project – a documentary on bullying and the experiences associated with it, as well as resources for students

    LGBTTIQQ2SA Resources (LGBTQ)

    •     HOPE - Halton Organisation for Pride and Education offers one on one counselling, as well as social events, support, and information.
    •     The Trevor Project: Preventing Suicide for LGBTQ Youth - 1 866 488 7386
    •     NOH8 Campaign – supporting and raising awareness regarding LGBTQ rights.
    •     FCKH8 Campaign - supporting LGBTQ rights in a provocative campaign.
    •     You Can Play – a campaign aimed at equal rights for all athletes to be able to play sports – “If you can play, you can play.”
    •     To My 7th Grade Self – a video from the perspective of bullies looking back on their actions towards LGBTQ youth and sharing their insight towards change.
    •     Sheridan’s Student Union has the Sheridan Pride club or the Gay Straight Alliance that you can also get involved with and gain support as a member of one of these groups.
    •     Born This Way Foundation – Supporting and empowering youth and a portal to share stories of bravery.
    •     The Laramie Project – a play based on the experiences of the town of Laramie, where the hate crime murder of gay teen Matthew Shepard took place. To learn more about Matthew’s story and the recent events to come from it, see:

    Breaking Barriers on Mental Health Stigma

    You’ve Just Gotten a Mental Health Diagnosis…Now What?

    • Understanding Mental Illness – From CMHA, a guide for information on various mental illnesses, all of which can be helped with treatment.

    Mental Health Apps

    •     Always There - App from KidsHelpPhone to get support on the go, safely and anonymously.
    •     5 Popular mental health apps - see the list here.
    •     A full list of apps that are out there - some are better than others, find what works for you! 
    ”Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” - Anonymous